Bring Overwhelm Down With Food Choices and Self-Care

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Bring Overwhelm Down With Food Choices and Self-Care

Not only does it seem that we don’t have time to care for ourselves or take sustainability steps in this day and age, but it also can feel like the cards are actually stacked against us.

Maybe it feels like the whole world is telling you that you are not worth your own time, there’s not enough time for your sustainability concerns to be considered, and everything else is more important- so just go get takeout, throw away the garbage it creates, ignore it, and relax later on… if there is time.


They try to convince you that there is not time to care for yourself, and in fact to do the opposite: to put your values aside in this moment. Apparently you just have to keep going in life, and hope to try again on your own sustainability, growth, self-care, and comfort later on.

Are these words or feelings you see coming from yourself or your people?

Are you ready to stop putting yourself and your values last?

Maybe you feel ready, but you don’t see it as a possibility.

After all, there are so many mouths to feed and errands to run. Money is not unlimited. And on and on your days go, with no sign of personal time in the near future.

So how could you possibly fit any deeper green living practices in?

Ok, let’s take a moment to talk about overwhelm! Overwhelm and stress can happen in good times and in bad. Never kick yourself for getting overwhelmed over a positive or a negative situation. It happens!

So what is the answer?

Well, actually, that’s a big one. There are a lot of health, emotional, social, and actually, food issues factoring in. This post focuses on food and taking time for yourself and your own needs. In Under 1200 words, here’s a simple formula to create greater daily happiness: 1) eat better food, 2) make time for things you love and things that keep you healthy. 3) Always practice gratitude and feeling as good as possible from moment to moment.

So, about the food thing…

Time to drop the bomb. The “convenient” food we eat daily is at the root cause of our overwhelm. It’s seriously messing with our bodies and minds! Besides this, so many NON DIABETIC people worldwide operate their daily lives with blood sugar related energy crashes/overwhelm, thinking it is just the world getting them down, or some less-than-hoped for sleep last night. But these crashes are avoidable. Food choices go a LONG way to soothe the cycle of overwhelm and crashing.

The truth is that a bunch of what we eat is feeding our daily problems. You may be eating something that is negatively affecting your outlook, and you would never make the connection. Consider this: being overwhelmed and anxious are not very convenient! Seriously. If you’re someone with no history in food science and how foods affect the body, I imagine this can be hard to grasp. But with a background in nutrition, it makes sense.

Food interactions aside, Americans are walking around with repeated blood sugar crashes every day from the foods they eat. Think anger, overwhelm, and sadness.

Truly, simply- you might need some protein, fiber, and good fats… in between your other meals. Then lighten up on the protein during meals, to start feeling better emotionally.

Blood sugar affects mood and outlook immensely!

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But in the long term, beyond food, is that buzzword that’s out there these days- one of the most important factors to diffusing this overwhelm and claiming your happiness is…

Weekly self care!

Self care could be anything from sitting in the sunlight in silence, to painting, thrift shopping, gardening, or massage, to running up a mountain, cuddling and playing with the dogs, going for a drive, flying a kite, and more. Whatever it is that brings you back to yourself. 

But self care also falls into less than thrilling, more “mandatory” categories. Like getting yourself good clean food every 3-5 hours or so. And keeping yourself clean and feeling presentable. Exercise, keeping tabs on your health, and so on. These are all actually self-care!

Beginning the practice of regular self care helps you naturally start thinking of yourself and your values sooner than later, and will give you more confidence in the long term to be yourself! Self care can ground you back into the things that are truly important to you.

Practicing regular self-care also has a counter intuitive effect of revealing small pockets of time and motivation in your day that you never thought you had! Little gifts. Sure, some days will be better than others. No question!

The first images that come to mind when the words “self-care” are uttered are those of manicures and pedicures and getting your hair done. This is all fine and dandy, but there is a much deeper level of self-care that I am talking about.

Self care does include the maintenance of your outer self, but also very importantly your inner self! A mind-body-spirit balance.

This will look entirely different for each individual person.

Often, self-care will be as simple as saying no to a get-together that you’re not in the mood for. Seriously. It’s that simple! Moments that require self care will pop up regularly throughout your week. Doing more of what you want/less of what you don’t want in general is actually pretty profound self care. Feel great about saying yes to your own needs more often.

Take a moment to ask yourself a few questions..

Then see how often you can say yes to yourself.

Some people fuel themselves with quiet time and inner contemplation.

Others go running!

  • What activity do you think would improve your life outlook and quality of life if you were to incorporate even one hour of it per week into your schedule?
  • If you could find 10 to 20 minutes a day to give to yourself, what time of day might that be? You know there are extra moments laying around someplace. Where are they?

The answer I have heard resound and back again and again is… those uber peaceful early morning hours.

While many of us want an extra 20 minutes of sleep, it may be more beneficial to wake up and allow yourself 20 minutes of quiet time or other personal activity before your daily hustle begins. Starting the day off with a dedication to yourself sets the rest of the day in positive motion.

  • If morning is not your thing that is not a big deal!
  • What time do you think would work for you?
  • How do you imagine you might begin to add time to your day, not only for yourself, but for the benefit of your family? Sometimes we have to get creative!
  • Can you arrive at School 10 minutes early and sit in the car with quiet time before the kids show up? And take an extra long “bathroom break” a few times a week? If you have a spouse they should be willing to give you a 15-30 minute break and take care of life for that long well you recharge.

Whatever it is, you don’t always have to announce it as you claiming your time. Just do the thing, or sneak away! ;-).

There are so many more complimentary avenues to take to reduce overwhelm and anxiety. Take this, the road less traveled. Start saying yes to your body and soul needs, and feel calmer day by day. Look at all the tabs in the DIY Happiness tab if you’re looking for the best foods for good moods and kicking anxiety to the curb!

Ready to Re Focus on what matters most to YOU? It’s all habits!

Self care items like cooking healthy food regularly can be some of the tougher habits to really get into a groove with. Give yourself a running start and the foundational info you need to really make it happen! Opt into your complimentary and totally awesome Habit making and breaking email series HERE!!

See you soon!

Betsy D

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