Hi, I’m Betsy.

When I was young, I was happy and free. I knew I could change
*Actually me*
the world and be myself. But at some point you sorta wake up, scratch your head, look around and think. “Well crap. I think I might have missed the bus to the superhero trainings…”

Even after I knew I’d been brainwashed by society, it wasn’t that easy to just “choose my new beliefs” and “do things differently” like the magical gurus said.

 The old beliefs, moods, and habits had a very strong hold, and controlled me even as I was sat there watching it happen, wishing for better.
Through my own devastation and unbelievable resistance to changing my habits, vibes, and mindest, I’ve found simple, effective ways to help others who feel stuck in life reclaim their inner freedom, peace, love, and personal power, evolve as they wish, and heal their lives!

My lowest moments

 I have experienced extreme lostness, stuckness, hunger, heartbreak, deprivation, and panic in my life. The scariest thing is when those life and death emergencies hit. Like when your car needs $4000 worth of non-optional repairs, and your dog gets cancer all of a sudden.


It taught me the deepest trust.

It taught me where true happiness and change come from. By practicing the techniques I offer to you, I evolved into inner peace, self love, and freedom… and activation of my mission and life passions! I know that I’m safe and loved in all ways. I’ve also upgraded a TON of habits required for my evolution, like negative thinking and self talk, and quitting smoking for good since 2001.
I lost 80 pounds and kept it off since 2008, and built a booming business from scratch. I live a very low-waste lifestyle, and went from daily junk and convenience food binges to clean foods that enhance mood, motivation, and impact. The list goes on and on.  

This is the story of why and how I raise the vibration of humanity and help people make their own huge reality upgrades.

At age 13, the environmental crisis became painfully obvious, as did grotesque social inequality, income gaps, media brainwashing, and rampant human and animal rights violations through the use of forced labor and factory farming. My heart was breaking for the world.
On top of that, I fell in with a vicious group of “mean girls” for a year around the same time. The combination of the psychological abuse and the state of humanity and had me in various states of PTSD for over 2 decades. I went into a deep freeze about life and Earth for nearly 20 years, lost in my own societal programming and PTSD.

That was just the beginning…

Lost, ditching class, silently panicking about my future. Yes those are JNCOs!
I had an incredible will for happiness, and to not play into society’s mind and life control. But at the end of high school, I watched a real-life nightmare unfold. Just as I was ready to find myself and launch off into connection and freedom, my friends and peers turned into zombies! 

Just like that, their faces glazed over in fear and brainwash as they sat down, forgot the dreams of their spirits, and accepted mediocre lives of subservience.

I couldn’t convince them to even try for better!

The less fortunate fell into survival mode, negativity, depression, addiction spirals- even homelessness- and disappeared. And there was nothing I could do to help! Many got caught up in the legal system and financial ruin, because they were stuck on repeat committing petty crimes. Others fell victim to the opioid crisis and died before the age of 30.

I was devastated. And I wasn’t much better off! I was frozen and terrified as I got dragged kicking and screaming down the path of wage slavery and societal expectation, seeing my whole life closing in around me. I was even more traumatized by the feeling of non-choice, vanished friendships, and stolen lives. But my passion for awakening and helping others into personal freedom was ignited.


The downward spiral continued.

Nevertheless, I fell into silence and went to sleep spiritually about it all. There was even a time in my life when I thought I would just play the game, collect my paycheck, recycle when I could, and slide quietly through life under the radar feeling guilty, angry, and scared. 

I came out alive because old Saabs are built like tanks!
I was super unsatisfied, lost, and frozen by the idea of working a lame, low paying job forever. I wanted to be happy, free, and secure, and help people out of their own stuckness.


But  I was just going to wait to go back home to the stars.

When I was 20 I literally and symbolically fell asleep at the wheel at 35 miles per hour, and climbed away from a deadly car crash out of a steep and deep ravine.
I took out several trees on the way down, landed nose first on a boulder, and a huge tree clobbered the back window. I suddenly found myself pounding and yelling maniacally at the door of some mountain home at 2 am with blood all over my face, wondering how and why I was still alive.
This tuned me back into the energetic, spiritual, and intuitive realm, and set me on a different path than most. It awakened my belief that I had a purpose to fulfill, but I had no idea what it was!  I realized that being a human on Earth was not at all what it appeared to be. I saw that we had a choice to be free and happy, like I knew when I was young. But my programmed beliefs, vibes, and habits were constantly conflicting with my soul’s truth, keeping me torn between worlds!  

I knew I was meant for more, but didn’t have the oomph, habits, or motivation to change. 

Besides that, I was out in the “real world” now. I was barely paying the bills, with no time for friends or my precious fur babies who sat around all day waiting for me! And besides all that, I was constantly exhausted, stressed out, lost, angsty, and scared. 
If looks could kill…
So I dove into the consciousness and personal power realms. I completely blew people’s minds with my continuous evolution, including quitting smoking and losing 80 pounds.
But even after years of dedicated study and practice, something was still missing. From 2004-2010 I was still mindlessly, begrudgingly stocking shelves and cashiering for 40+ hours per week. I was feeding the machine that wanted to kill the planet and enslave us all, and it was seriously sucking my will to live!
In 2007 I was t-boned on my driver’s door by a woman running a stop sign at 40 mph, and had another near death awakening. I had a lot of time to sit and meditate my way out of my deep freeze, as I laid on bags of ice all winter, throbbing from my head to my hips. 

Soon after, I learned about the law of attraction.

My whole life and the world made sense- car crashes, world crises, vanished friendships, and all. I took full responsibility for creating it or willingly taking part in all of it because of my own inner turmoil. In a major wave, I became a nutrition-based herbalist, created a booming professional organizing business, and a holistic healing center. 


I wasn’t working for the man, I had a rad little house, I was doing what I loved working half-time, and I had money to spare. Freedom!

But still, I had increasing anger and anxiety about the state of the environment, human and animal rights, government and media mind control, and people’s ignorance and unconscious actions. The damage it was doing to the Earth, animals, and humanity was feeding me depression and keeping me from true inner peace and happiness.

I still felt so hopeless at times!

Hmmm, where to next?
I wasn’t making the difference I was longing for, and it showed up through mounting anxiety, depression, and avoidance. I still had blocks that kept me from bigger action and inner peace. But my anxiety had a message: I was destined for much, much more happiness, freedom, and impact!  
So I let it all go after about a decade as I worked on my biggest evolution yet: deep connection with my higher self, life manifestations, and impact. I handed it all over to trust and faith so that I could take a step back, breathe, and evolve into lasting inner peace and freedom. This led me to create evolutionary programs to help people free themselves, find their own peace, create beliefs and habits that catalyze their true self connection and Earth missions, and raise the vibration of humanity!

And the universe said quite simply, “welcome. We’ve been waiting for you.”

I hit a well of ungodly, unmanageable personal resistance along the new path, right when I thought I was free to make the new habits, beliefs, etc. that would lead me into the life I was creating. That bully inside raged at me with every inch I moved, while the scared inner child pulled out every procrastination tactic in history. 

I had studied and practiced motivation, personal power, the law of attraction, spirituality, psychology, and more for well over a decade. I knew all the tricks and what I needed to do. But I was frozen and couldn’t make a move! The combination was excruciating, and I spent days and weeks on end in burnout, shutdown, and destructive self judgement. 

That’s what led me to create this program

EFT and processing reactions from the heart and body sensations are in the handful of things that blew my mind and made such deep impact on me- so I pulled them and a couple others out of the toolbox, started practicing them with complete dedication daily, and the transformation into inspired change and action felt so much more natural and effective that all the old stuff about “just pushing through fear and ignoring resistance.” 

Those are crucial elements, but a few healing building blocks and a brain reboot are needed to make those next steps possible for you!  

I know many are stuck at this point as well, and I have the missing key! Out of everything we know about being the designers of our life and experience, and all the conversations that are going on about it, one vital piece goes unspoken.

Changing your beliefs? Great! Sign me up, right? The question becomes literally how to actually make yourself available and able to actually implement all of the important aspects of your bigger steps into personal power, motivation, and spirituality! 

I’m now present in inner peace and connection. 

I feel relaxed, with a deep knowing that I’m safe and secure, no matter what happens here on Earth. I live my life in truth, love, freedom, and trust. I live a low-waste life with ease, striving for fair trade and animal justice with every purchase. 

I’m living my mission of helping the world evolve into higher consciousness and alignment. 

And I’m calling you over to join me in happiness, freedom and connection, while living your soul mission!

Mindset, habits, and the law of attraction are most important to use for joy and freedom, world healing, health, security, and fun- NOT money, image, and stuff. You’ll always live in abundance if your mindset and vibes are in alignment with your higher self, passions, and mission! Get ready to step back into your true essence, inner peace, and personal power!
This is your official invitation. Come join me!

I know that you’ve been making awesome strides toward your dreams and purpose.

But maybe certain pieces just keep slipping away a little bit more than you would like? I feel your pain, confusion, and disappointment!
I’m here to help you release/reboot/retrain the components that are holding back your biggest desires from manifesting- without a ton of fuss and focus on the problem… or over-analysis!
My life is dedicated to the study and activation of personal and spiritual awakening and power, “ego management,” the law of attraction, belief systems that heal your life and the planet. Also, quantum healing, and how they all interact with your happiness and power to create. AND how all of that impacts our option to save our species and the planet!

Welcome to phase 1: your own happiness and freedom. 

Through decades of trial and error, I’ve weeded out the duds and whittled it down to the simplest, most transformative techniques possible to purge all that doesn’t serve you and make a habit out of what does. Now you can rock your personal power, have great success with the law of attraction, heal your past, and DO AND FEEL WHAT YOU WANT! FOR LIFE!
My combination of life-changing exercises dives deep into your subconscious- simply and effectively- to rewire the thoughts, beliefs, habits, and vibratory states that have been holding you back from manifesting your dream life and impact. And most importantly- keep the peace, love, freedom, and happiness flowing!

But you won’t find any “do nothing quick fixes” here. 

Just stuff that works. Evolution is a journey, and it takes dedication. No matter where you are in your awakening and choosing your life, the super secret (and highly ignored) next step to get you unstuck is to actually catch up to yourself in your current reality, and reset your deepest instincts to the trust and belief that you’re safe! 
If this has sparked something in you or piqued your curiosity, you can find access to the course, plus a course description HERE.
All my love,