There comes a time in life when you sorta wake up, look around, and think “well, crap. I think I might have missed the bus to the superhero trainings…”

Hi, I’m Betsy.

I help awake people who feel stuck and outraged about environmental or human and animal rights issues unlock their power and realize their exact calling, so they can rock the sustainable freedom-based lives they’ve always wanted, and create world impact on whatever scale they choose.
It’s fascinating, it’s a blast, it changes lives for the better, and it heals the planet on a very profound level. Yay! Purpose!

But of course, things weren’t always so peachy…

In 2008 I was mindlessly, begrudgingly stocking shelves and cashiering for 40+ hours per week. It was inundating me with the grotesque waste of the world and sucking my will to live! Plus, I was surrounded by people who thought my dreams, sustainable living values, and personal needs were ridiculous.

Hold on a sec, let’s rewind another decade…

At the end of high school I watched a real-life nightmare unfold. My friends forgot their dreams, fell into survival mode, negativity, thought and habit traps, depression, addiction spirals- even homelessness- and disappeared. And I wasn’t much better off! I was frozen and terrified as I got dragged kicking and screaming down the same path, seeing my future closing off before me. I was actively traumatized by that feeling, on a pretty deep level.
I was triple-shocked into inaction by the enormity of the world’s problems, lost in my own baggage and other people’s expectations. There was even a time in my life when I thought I would just slide quietly through life under the radar feeling guilty, angry, and scared.
I fell silenced, and went to sleep spiritually about it all. But I clung to the idea of bigger freedom, happiness, and impact on a wing and a prayer, with no Earthly clue how I would get there. Belief was my survival mechanism.

Well, the universe had my back…

That first job I got dragged into in 2001 actually enabled me to sit around reading psychology, spirituality, and self-transformation books! And that’s exactly what I did. For 5 years. This begun my journey, and moved me deeply.
I’d been learning and transforming my life with good success since 1999, and I really did blow people’s minds with my repeated and varied transformations. But in 2008 I still only had a vague idea of what I “wanted to do with my life,” and I could barely pay the bills. I didn’t want to continue to feed the corporate machine, kill the planet, give my 9 to 5 freedom away, OR be down and destitute forever.
And the environment! The people and animals in slavery and wasting in poverty! The “bad guys” taking over the planet! It was too much, too big.I knew I was meant for more, but didn’t have the oomph, habits, or motivation to change. Besides that, I was out in the “real world” now. Everyday stresses were adding up and taking me down.
I had tried and categorized the best and worst philosophies, techniques, and principles I’d learned up to that point, and honed in on the ones that were super effective. But with some habits or repetitive negative thoughts, I would make a certain amount of progress, then fall back into old ways over and over.

Then things got uglier.

The more I tried with those stickier ones, the more critical I got with myself, until eventually I avoided all progress and went into a big weird funk. It was bad. What I had been helping people with was being accentuated in me, and I knew I needed to back up.
I set out for life freedom in the first place to hang out with my pups all day- literally! Now I felt so unworthy that I thought, “maybe I should just give my dogs to a friend and move into my parents’ basement…” WOAH. Stop right there!
I knew I had to do something to pick myself up before it got worse, but I was inundated with perfectionism and negative self-talk with every move I tried to make! It felt like I wasn’t capable of bigger change. My “ego” and small self were waiting to sabotage me with negativity and avoidance at every slip up.
(Note: I try not to name it as a practice for a lot of reasons, but I use the word “ego” because people grasp the concept instantly).
I called myself stupid a LOT, and a slacker. Avoidance and procrastination kicked in, big time, inviting more negativity. I often felt nervous, tip toeing around that grumpy ego-like thing that was lurking in the shadows, waiting to crumble me. My higher self watched it happening, a part of the process. “I” felt frozen out of action. And of course, world disasters kept on raging right outside my windows, reminding me how small I was.

I stopped helping others and focused on my own healing.  

I went back to see what I had missed along the way, and it’s so powerful I made it my life’s mission to help people heal themselves and the planet the with these techniques!
Coming at it from a handful of specific, synergistic angles is the most effective way to break that barrier when you’ve hit a wall with your growth. The change is so profound, and the readiness, ideas, and action just start flowing.
That’s how I made it way faster and easier for you to follow your calling and achieve your goals… even if your ego (or whatever it is) is a big, bad meanie that’s demanding that you stay small, stuck, and acting powerless!
I’ve now dedicated well over 4,000 hours to the study and implementation of personal and spiritual development techniques, “ego management,” the law of attraction, natural healing, and how they all interact with world crisis and your happiness!
At first, I learned it and did it for myself- because I was frustrated, desperate, and lost. Now I do it for the future of the planet, and in the name of every person ever lost to “ego tricks,” societal programming, or addiction.
I’ll help you know and work with yourself, the law of attraction, and “your ego” to heal your past, and create the habits and mindset that unlock your power, freedom, and desired impact! To live is to change, and evolution is a process. Focus on love, light and goodness always, pass it on, and you will be greatly rewarded!

Wanna play? 

To dive into the rabbit hole with you, I’ve developed powerful combinations of synergistic techniques to quell the ego, purge the programming, and heal your past, so you can love the now and create the future you want!
Here’s my top 10 (ish) list of the biggest things I’ve permanently changed with this magical mix of principles:
  1. Permanently quitting smoking in 2003
  2. Losing 85 pounds and keeping it off.
  3. Changing my eating and thinking habits repeatedly until they lined up with my morals, goals, and my body’s needs
  4. Ditching intense food addiction mindsets, such as “I’d rather die than quit my favorite food”
  5. Releasing countless old beliefs and stories for good.
  6. Overcoming self abuse patterns that came from falling in with a mean girl group in middle school, and a couple of verbally abusive teachers when I was young
  7. Choosing calmer, more forgiving, optimistic reactions to people, events, situations, and life
  8. Rebuilding happiness, motivation, plus inner peace, security, and gratitude after my brain was hijacked by societal programming and food
  9. Learning a very-low waste, low shopping lifestyle to fit my morals and stop feeling so helpless and dependent on the system
  10. Taking my Earth-healing actions from a place of positive visualization instead of panic, anger, and despair
  11. Cultivating my own self-love, motivation, and law of attraction focus needed to create and sustain income, amazing living situations, THREE of my very own passion businesses.

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I also really just took the time, love, and repetition to teach myself how to feel peaceful and safe, engage the power of positive thinking, and stop procrastinating. I did it so so that I could feel good and free as a choice, and live true to my Earth healing missions, values, and dreams.
And just like everybody, I have had areas that I wasn’t ready to address or examine and change. That’s fully acceptable, perfect, and okay. We tend to come back around to the important ones when the time is right. Start the journey wherever you are, stick with it, and watch your life blossom around you! The next steps have a way of magically appearing once you take the ones right in front of you.
I’m so happy to be here to help you live true to your calling and happiness, so you can have the sustainable, freedom-based life and impact you’ve been dreaming of! Read more about the deeper Earth healing philosophy HERE…
Talk soon!
Betsy D
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