It's time to flip the script on your life and this Earth situation.

What’s YOUR awesome plot twist?

It’s time to dance into the life you want, being the person you want to be, making the positive impact you always wanted- from just finding your mission and some inner peace, to a zero-waste lifestyle, to creating a movement for your own passion cause. It’s why you’re here, and it’s why I’m here.

 How do you want to upgrade your life or help heal the world? How do you feel stuck? “Who” are “you?”

It’s time to rise!


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    Personal Power and Freedom

    Go for your dreams! You deserve it, and you’re ready. Superboost your impact and life transformation- with the law of attraction, personal power, and self care!

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    Inner Peace and Happiness

    Stop “doing” things that make you feel bad- like all that plastic trash and limiting beliefs! Live in alignment with your morals and biggest happiness like it’s your birthright.

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    Being Green and Ethical

    Heal the world your way! Global education, innovation, LOTS of love, and daily habit and thought upgrades are the keys a bright, sustainable future. I’ll help you hone your superpowers!

Nothing is more important for your speedy healing and evolution- and Earth’s, too- than healing, believing, and taking action to create the life and world you want to live in.

Hi! I’m Betsy! I help awake, inspired people who are outraged about the environment or human and animal rights issues create actions and attitudes that make inner happiness and big positive impact their daily reality!

So… what would you do with your life and for your passion causes if you were sure that you’d succeed, and money didn’t matter? What good do you want to see and do? How would you like to relax and feel amazing?

How would you act if you realized that happiness was your birthright, but you had to grow and believe and imagine and do some stuff differently to get there?

Feelings are habits. And you can “rewire” your own habits, feelings, reactions, and more, to truly create the happiness, peace, and life you long for. Choosing peace and happiness creates more peace and happiness- in your life and on Earth. That’s part of the glory of being human, but it’s also one of the best kept secrets.

You have the power to take back control, and recreate your own life and the world around you!

But it’s not always just so simple. I know, I’ve been there. That combo of longing and ambitions, mixed with old habits, beliefs, stuckness, and a thousand fears and question marks is a frustrating conundrum that will knock you back again and again if you don’t have the tools to work it properly. I will give you those tools and so much more!
What do you choose to believe about your own future, and the possibilities for us all saving the Earth? Is it time to upgrade to more empowering thoughts and understandings, or maybe truly act on what you already know deep down inside?

Rise up! What’s your next level?

Thank you for awakening to your true potential and alignment with your higher self!

You are strong like a bull!

Come in and wake up those sleepy dreams you have for yourself and the planet- the ones you put on the back burner to think about at a “better” time. Or maybe even the ones you decided were impossible. Get ready to call in personal and world freedom and harmony in all of your perfect, unique ways. World peace starts with you, and your commitment to being true to your truest self.

We are individually and collectively on the edge of monumental evolution.

If you’re here now and this makes sense to you, that means that you’re ready to evolve! The simmering ease of summer is on the horizon. Turn the radio up, sing louder, & ignore all that road noise. Overstuff your bags with all those dreams of yours, and strap on your seatbelt- this is gonna be the road trip of a lifetime!

Coming Soon

Reclaim your power and peace of mind today!

Start building better attitudes, habits, and impact- by learning to notice and redirect brain games that have been keeping you out of action and stuck!

Download your free 13 page ebook: “Chain of Fools” HERE!

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