It's painful to watch the woes of the world.

But you can feel amazing about your life, contribution and the vast possibilities available for you and the Earth, regardless of others’ destructive habits and attitudes!

Break through frustration and fear! I’m here to help you

EMBODY your own:

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    Personal Power and Freedom

    Engage and superboost your biggest, best impact and happiness with the law of attraction, daily habits, and self care!

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    Alignment with Your True Self

    Just be everything you want to be, and you’ll help heal this confused, wounded world. Live according to your morals, your true nature, and your biggest happiness with confidence.

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    Empowered Impact

    Work your own Earth healing magik! Global education, innovation, LOTS of good vibes, and daily habit and thought upgrades are critical to move into our bright, sustainable future.

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    Sustainable, Progressive Lifestyle

    Create a more peaceful, sustainable planet with your own habits, thoughts, and feelings! Reduce your carbon footprint and move into fulfillment and positive impact!

Together, we can heal the world by choosing happiness, hope, and freedom, and taking more inspired action.

Humans are abusing and killing the planet, other humans, and the animals. It stifles our souls, it keeps

Hi! I’m Betsy!

us suffering, and it feeds the evil, corporate “machine” that’s at the root of the environmental crisis.

It’s incredibly painful and frustrating to watch, and it can be hard to choose happiness and love in spite of it all, let alone feel like you’re making a difference.

But you can enact massive personal and global change with your own habits and attitudes. Claim your inner peace and power, and evolve into the new levels of positive impact through personal action, joy, and Earth lovin’ living!

I’ve got your back! I’ll help you discover and step into your happier, ethical, empowered life- with the habits and Earth healing impact you’re looking for.

I can help you upgrade your life and save the planet:

 If every person who cared about the environment, animals, and other humans were following their happiness, and their gut instincts about right and wrong, the world would see phenomenal changes.

Rise up! What’s your next level?

Achieve Bigger Happiness, Impact, and Life Satisfaction

You are strong like a bull!

These are “green-your-life” hacks of a different variety- powerful mind-body-spirit hacks that enable you to build your sustainable, meaningful life the way you want it. Drive away sticky, pesky old habits and reasons for not living your bliss, values, and purpose.

Put an end to your eco-anxiety and confusion, and feel empowered, peaceful, and free. Live a life that’s meaningful, fun, and in alignment with your passions and what you know is right!

If enough people do this and pass it on, the world will absolutely shift to reflect our peace and joy.

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Reclaim your power and peace of mind today!

Start building better attitudes, habits, and impact- by learning to notice and redirect brain games that have been keeping you out of action and stuck!

Download your free 13 page report: “Chain of Fools” HERE!

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