Vote with your dollar, your actions, and your attitude!

You want to find bigger happiness, live sustainably, and stop accidentally supporting human and animal abuse…

You can live the change and impact you’re longing for!

  • the-green-button Philosophy

    Meaningful, Joy-filled life

    Become the person you wish to be, with the life you desire- because unhappy living is not sustainable either. I love to help you build new habits and walk away from old lifestyles, and feelings that are not your bliss!
  • the-green-button Philosophy


    Make a profound impact by living sustainably and being a co-creator of the world and our future. Because a deeper understanding and ground-level daily action are critical  to reverse the damage that has been done and move into a bright new day.

  • the-green-button Philosophy

    Connectedness and Impact

    Redirect your dollar to vote for humane, sustainable businesses to support all life, and your values! A new world of consumer options, so that we can join together and mass-boycott evildoing corporations for good, creating lasting social change.

  • the-green-button Philosophy

    And an Element of Surprise

    For the die hard go-getters: a major bonus to super-boost your drive and impact: DIY health and happiness training through food, plants, and the power of the mind!

Welcome to fresh new possibilities!

The Predicament

Big or small, we all keep doing all things we don’t want daily, and supporting companies and practices that we’re actually pretty uncomfortable with.

We feel stuck, like we don’t have a choice in this modern world. It feels like the path to bigger freedom is too big or confusing to stop and figure out in the midst of all of this overwhelm.

We all feel a bit trapped now, don’t we?

But the key to releasing our eco-anxiety and overwhelm is to honor what we do and don’t want, by moving away from lifestyles and habits that are going against our morals every day. It’s time to truly commit to voting with our purchases and our daily actions.

By saying yes to your values, you will feel a sense of freedom and release that will transform your whole life. If every person who cared about the environment, animals, and other humans were following their gut instincts about right and wrong, the world would see phenomenal changes.

My skillz, and how this specially blended website can help you ``save the world``

Sustainable Living Hacker

I want to end your eco-anxiety and confusion, so you can easily boycott or “opt out” of unsustainable product use, life habits, companies, and more. I’ll show you how to make your life and your home as low energy, low water, and zero waste as possible. I plan to make sure you feel amazing about your contribution and the vast possibilities ahead for you and the Earth, and ready for more action!

I’m here with green-your-life hacks and companies/products of all shapes and sizes, to make your life more fun, easy, rewarding, and sustainable. Here you can easily vote with your dollar and live more sustainably, without all the research!

But wait, there’s more…

Human and Animal Rights Activist.

Every purchase reflects your heeded and ignored values back at you.

For deep, profound impact and boycott-made-easy, I‘ll show you green, sustainable companies and products that are also humane and worker-

friendly, so you can shift your purchasing power to good, for good. You’ll learn how to avoid unsustainable, forced labor, and animal cruelty companies and products, but still get all the “stuff” you need!

Unthinkable human and animal rights violations go on behind the scenes of many of our purchases- even torture. How can we expect to feel peaceful and free if we are enslaving others for our own freedoms and luxuries? We can facilitate massive personal and global change by supporting the new paradigm. Read more here about what you may not have realized has been going on, and how we’re switching it up!

See the FREE green Biz directory coming April 2018!

Nutrition-based Herbalist

How to get ridiculous nutrient value in 5 minutes: Whole food smoothies!


Want to learn low-waste cooking? I’m going to throw in a double-bonus, before we even get started. Get ready for a ton of realistic recipes and remedies specifically created to boost your happiness, anti-anxiety, and personal power! But don’t worry- simplicity first!

Many common, delicious foods are medicinal, and can strengthen your response to life. Other foods are extremely detrimental, and can actually keep you feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Lots of herbs supercharge your body with the nutrients that it needs, so you can react better to stress, think and act clearly, and feel more calm, present, and powerful.

Check out the recipes for happiness blog. I’ll show you how to fortify your bod with delicious, low-waste happiness foods, while not spending your life in the kitchen, so you can reset your happiness and make your biggest impact!

Personal power, Happiness, and Motivation Nerd/Hacker

You are strong like a bull!

There’s a world of tried and true life-enhancing self-knowledge that everyone should have access to in order to achieve greater happiness and life satisfaction. I’m here to open that up to you. I bring you some of the best happiness, personal power, and habit building hacks around, and connect you to the best web resources to catalyze your awesome journey. Here’s a start.

These are life hacks of a different variety- simple brain hacks that empower you to build your sustainable, meaningful life the way you want it. Drive away sticky, pesky old habits and other reasons for not taking action in your life. You can become more motivated and consistent in any area! If everyone employed some basic understandings about what makes them (and other people) tick, the world would see greater peace and harmony.

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