Reclaim Freedom and Free Will!

There's a reason you're stuck on a spiritual evolution or personal power plateau.

Prepare to get unstuck!

Your success with anything that any life coach, spiritual or sustainable living guru- including your own intuition and spirit guides- tells you to do relies on your ability to make or break the patterns that are holding you back from that big change you seek. 
These patterns include habits, beliefs, negative thinking, automatic attitudes, thoughts, and judgments, and of course, raising your vibration!

It’s time to rise!

I’ll help you ignite your:

Free Will & Personal Power

Heal that old resistance and evolve! Make and break the right habit, belief, reaction, vibrational, and self love patterns to make your dreams a reality!

Inner Peace and Happiness

Stop “doing” things that make you feel bad. Live in alignment with your morals and biggest happiness.
It’s your birthright, and the biggest rebellion.

Soul Passion & Earth Mission

Go for your dreams! You deserve it, and you’re ready. Superboost your impact and life transformation- with the law of attraction, personal power, and self care!

You've heard it all before...

Hi, I’m Betsy! I help awake Earth loving people reclaim freedom, personal power, and peace, so they can move into their dreams, soul missions, and passions and create world impact on whatever scale they choose.

All the gurus say the same thing. 

“Think positive… upgrade detrimental beliefs… meditate daily… eat healthy and exercise… practice radical self care… change your vibe… face your fear and live your passion…” The list goes on.

You know this, and you’ve already awakened and evolved light years from where you started. But nobody’s telling you how to actually do these things on the next level!

But we all know that it takes more than just knowing what you need to do if you want to actually make that deeper quantum shift. 

Some changes are easy and exciting. But with others, you fall back into old patterns after a couple of weeks- over and over again!

All of these upgrades you’re seeking are habits. And they’re essential to your peace, happiness, and evolution! You can “rewire” your brain and nervous system to truly create the happiness, peace, and life you long for- on a deep and lasting level.

That’s part of the glory of being human, but it’s also one of the best kept secrets.

You have the power to take back control, and recreate your own life and the world around you!

But it’s not always just so simple. I know, I’ve been there. That combo of longing and ambitions, mixed with old habits, beliefs, stuckness, and a thousand fears and question marks is a frustrating conundrum that will knock you back again and again if you don’t have the tools to work it properly. 

All of our detrimental patterns and inability to make permanent change stem from three things:

1) Our prehistoric programming for flight, flight, or freeze.

2) Beliefs and patterning from childhood which came from outside sources.

3) Events in childhood that traumatized us or inadvertently convinced on deep subconscious levels us that we weren’t worthy or that it was dangerous to be authentic.

 Is it time to upgrade to more empowering thoughts and understandings, or maybe truly act on what you already know deep down inside- so you can truly co-create the life you want?

Rise up! What’s your next level?

Thank you for awakening to your true potential and alignment with your higher self!

You’re strong, and you have the power!

I have a surprise for you!

There are scientifically proven ways to reset your reactions to all of that and clear the bigger blocks that have been holding you back! Actively reprogram your mind and nervous system’s reaction to deeper change. This makes those changes EASIER for you!

After the reset, you can integrate the most beautiful truth on the deepest level: you are infinitely safe and loved, and making changes to move into alignment with your true self and the life you want is a safe and exciting thing to do! 

We are individually and collectively on the edge of monumental evolution.

If you’re here now and this makes sense to you, that means that you’re ready to evolve!

Your time has come to finally update all of the outdated patterns you want to make that quantum upgrade into the peace, happiness, alignment, and life you’ve been seeking for so long!