Choose a joy-filled, sustainable, abundant existence-

And live the change and impact you’re longing for!

I’ll help you achieve:

  • the-green-button Philosophy

    Deeper Meaning

    Address the root cause: unhappy living isn’t sustainable. Become the person you wish to be, living the life you desire. Walk away from old unsustainable habits, lifestyles and feelings that are not your bliss- and into what is!
  • the-green-button Philosophy

    Empowered Impact

    Live sustainably, move into your green ambitions, and help co-create our future. Find and work your magic! Widespread education, innovation, and daily habits are critical to reverse the damage that has been done and move into a bright new day.

  • the-green-button Philosophy

    Ethical Liviing

    Redirect your dollar and attention to the world of ethical shopping options- humane, sustainable businesses that support your values!  Together, we can mass-boycott evildoing corporations for good, creating lasting social change.

  • the-green-button Philosophy

    And an Element of Surprise

    A major, cutting-edge bonus to super-boost your drive and impact: DIY healing, motivation, and happiness through food, plants, and the power of the mind!

The Predicament

We’re all doing things that go against our morals and values daily- from the jobs we take, to the food we eat and the trash we produce, to the companies and practices we feel trapped into supporting with our purchases and habits.

It’s killing the planet, the humans, and the animals. It stifles our souls, it keeps us suffering, and it feeds the evil, corporate “machine” that’s at the root of the environmental crisis.

We all feel a bit trapped now, don’t we?

It can take a ton of personal power and research to say no to any of these things, and yes to our hearts desires and soul purpose… but it doesn’t have to be hard to evolve into this sustainable, joy and values based living!

I’ve got your back! I’ll help you discover and step into your ethical, empowered life- with all of the habits, feelings, and fulfillment you long for.

I can help you upgrade your life and save the planet:

 If every person who cared about the environment, animals, and other humans were following their happiness, and their gut instincts about right and wrong, the world would see phenomenal changes.

Rise up! What’s your next level?

Sustainable Living

Put an end to your eco-anxiety and confusion, and feel empowered and free. Live a life that’s more meaningful, fun,  

and sustainable, and in alignment with what you think is right! Here you can easily live more sustainably, and feel the relief.

Easily boycott or “opt out” of unsustainable, unethical product use, habits, companies, and more. Discover your perfect level of non-toxic, low energy, low water, and zero waste, and transform your life and your home to suit your fancy!

Feel amazing about your contribution and the vast possibilities available for you and the Earth, regardless of others’ destructive habits and attitudes!

But wait, there’s more…

Ethical Shopping

Every purchase reflects your heeded and ignored values back at you.

Profound impact and boycott-made- easy: sustainable, humane and worker-friendly companies and products, so you can shift your purchasing power to good, for good. Without all the research. Avoid unsustainable, forced labor, and animal cruelty companies, but still get all the “stuff” you need!

Facilitate massive personal and global change by supporting the new paradigm. Learn what you’re inadvertently supporting, and better options here!

See the FREE green Biz directory coming April 2018!

Food Hacks for Happiness

How to get ridiculous nutrient value in 5 minutes: Whole food smoothies!

The secret key to motivation, happiness, and inner peace! Enjoy a ton of realistic recipes, meal plans, and remedies specifically created to boost your happiness, anti-anxiety, and personal power! They’re even low-waste, plant-based, super simple, and fast!

Many common, delicious foods and herbs are medicinal, and can strengthen your response to life, so you can react better to stress, think clearly, and feel more calm, present, and powerful. Other foods can actually keep you feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

Fortify your bod with delicious, happiness enhancing foods, while not spending your life in the kitchen, so you can make your biggest impact!

Personal Power, Peace, and Happiness

You are strong like a bull!

Know thyself, and achieve greater happiness and life satisfaction. Apply some basic understandings about what makes you (and other people) do what you do, and you and the world see greater peace and harmony.

These are “green-your-life” hacks of a different variety- simple food and mind-body-spirit hacks that empower you to build your sustainable, meaningful life the way you want it. Drive away sticky, pesky old habits and reasons for not living your bliss and purpose. You can be more motivated and consistent in any area!

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