Functional Vintage 1- Inspiration

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Functional Vintage 1- Inspiration

Have you frequently wished you could get cool things for great bargains while staying green and sustainable?

Have you tried the thrift store? What has your success been like? Has it grown over time? Or did you give up on second hand shopping a long time ago in frustration?

Second-hand shopping is NOT what it used to be! There are more than 50 thrift stores In the tri-city area! (I am in Longmont, Colorado) Furniture store

There are even many  specialty thrift stores- kids clothes, tools and building supplies, craft supplies, clean furniture- and many other varieties as well!  Furniture store 2

There was a long time in my life when I doubted my own thrifting superpowers, and now going thrift store shopping is one of my favorite hobbies! Now I even have the authority to preach on this matter.;)

I did not put thrifting and being green and humane in the same category for years and years, but…

I always envied the people in High school who were decked out in vintage clothing and/or super stylin’. And Skater B 2now I am one! You can do this too!

I had tried my hand at thrifting, but with little success.

You know- faded, worn out high-water corduroy pants and “dorky” shirts that made my body look even weirder than I felt in it (ah, teenage angsty joys!)

I thought “thrift-ability” (as I lovingly call it now) must be a special personality trait or something.


They said to me, “keep practicing and you will totally figure it out- It took me some practice, too. You might have to look really hard, sometimes at almost everything- be ready for that.”

These words changBetsy Susan Weddinged my life and oh my goodness!  I am such a nerd that I am literally getting happy chills remembering that fateful moment.


….And guess what? I WIN!! Over and over and over again. Once you know what your area has to offer, you’re golden!

There are over 50 thrift stores of all types, and more stores for consignment, in Boulder, Longmont and Loveland alone!

And luckily, thrift-ability is contagious. Come thrifting with me. You will see!! You can win big in the thrift store, too! What are you in need of?Leopard Bucket 2

OK, so the point is this: YOU too, my superhero, can flex and grow your thrifting powers! You may get lost at first, or not know what to look for, where to go, etc. Give it time. Keep trying. Look at everything, not just what you need that day, and be prepared to be a little impulsive. You may come home with something fabulous that you weren’t looking for or expecting!


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