Big Love Number Four

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Big Love Number Four


Big Love number 4

The fleeting moments in life.

Some people call them so, but truly they are the real moments of life.

These are the moments that make you kick back and say, “ah, sweet it is!”

These feelings and experiences don’t have to be so evasive. They are the feelings that will define our lives when everything else falls away.

Re imagine this, and feel it in this moment:

Lying in bed with no obligations on a Sunday morning, not needing to sleep, but loving to just lay there and feel good. Floating in and out…


Those special moments when you are with your lover or your best friend, or any other loved one, when suddenly the world slows down and revolves around the two of you and your own special bubble of joy…

At a party or a concert, absorbing the energy and love that is all around. Experiencing the power of the love that comes to you and from you from every angle through song and human energy.

Moments with family. So many moments…

Family vacations and celebrations where you truly feel the depth and intensity of the bonds that run through each of you. The connection. The wholeness. The ease.S5000578

Moments alone in nature- hearing the birds, or watching the ocean swell and retreat, and knowing that you are one with everything- really connecting with it all and feeling it.

Driving home from work on a Friday with the whole weekend ahead of you. Deep, satisfying breaths of reward and gratification. Take a few right now.

Being alone- doing whatever it is that makes you feel whole…S5000660

Helping others. Giving of self.

There are so many ways to feel this peace and joy.

In one of these most intense happy family moments, the wisest man I know came up to me and stopped time for a moment. Suddenly the world revolved around us and us, as he gently pounded on my chest above my heart.

He told me words that I will remember forever. I can feel them now. He just walked up to me at an amazing moment, a moment that I didn’t even know we were sharing. After coming over to me he began to speak. He said to me, in his wise and mellow manner:

“You take this feeling… you feel that?”

I had no words, and he continued to speak:

“Yes… yes. You take this feeling… you condense it and store it.

You can store it right here.” Beginning the chest tapping again.

“You know,” he said, “you can have this feeling any time you want!”

And so it is.

You can make right now one of the best moments of your life. You just have to remember.

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