Love as Eternal- for all who are not here

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Love as Eternal- for all who are not here

In homage to those who have slipped out of this world,  on to their new journeys, and those loved ones who are living their Earthly journeys in far away places… especially those who have slipped off into places within their own mind: those who are suffering from mental illness.

I choose to feel all of the wonderful feelings that I feel when we have our time together, and not to allow all of this magik to turn to grief and despair, just because you aren’t here right now. I know that your essence lives on in me, no matter.

I choose to live the gifts you give me- the gifts we have given each other- every day, and I am honored to carry this responsibility. Your essence is with me now as much as it ever was- from before I met you to long after I think I don’t know you anymore.

The strange attachments to what supposedly “is”, and what was not our essence, can fold back in- and we can remember each other for what we truly are. Eternal.

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