Love as Power

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Love as Power

Interesting to have had both power and despair seemingly so separately so many times, when despair and power are so intimately intertwined. But of course!

This is only to uncover what the gurus have suggested all along: Your deepest pain can turn into your greatest power and drive you beyond the stars.

Power and pain are bonded together with love.

If I concentrate on it in the right way I can feel the deep grief and despair and guilt and sorrow as they turn and fuel passion, love, change, and drive forward motion.IMG_20160418_152836601
It’s a very very fine line, but I happened to be paying attention in just the right way- at just the right moment- when I felt it happen. The line got crossed.

I DO NOT have to participate in activities that go against my morals- but there’s something even better: I can change my focus!

I have most certainly been sad before, and hopeless about the situation of Earth, trash, and ethics. Very, very sad and hopeless, indeed.

With only one choice- participate or suffer quietly…

I have also felt powerful- like I could do anything, and nobody could convince me otherwise. Like I had been denying my own power all along.
Today it shifted.
Power and pain joined forces with love.

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