Why You Gotta Judge Me, Neuroscience?

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Why You Gotta Judge Me, Neuroscience?


Peer PressureMany people will absolutely embrace your mission. To a large quantity of Earthlings it may be perceived like somewhat of a ridiculous subculture movement, whether it be you individually or in large groups.
Maybe it is a subculture, and maybe that’s not a bad thing!
The main reason for this outsider perception of any type of progression or change is based in neuroscience.

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Calm Down…

We are at the point that our wasteful and “I’m too busy” habits are becoming deeply ingrained as a societal norm, and in our brains and nervous systems.

This includes the belief- and actions that follow- that we are now without safer and more sustainable options (another 15 cans of worms to open later), and other possibilities seem uncomfortably foreign to an unfamiliar onlooker on progressive behavior. Especially CHANGE. People may take it as an attack on their personal actions.

The end result of all this neuroscience is likely to be as follows. In its simplest terms, defenses may go up subconsciously in people observing your behavior- people whose brains and/or consciousness are not ready for this type of enlightenment.

This makes people stick even more firmly to their belief system in fear and confusion. This is where funny looks and quiet sneers may come into play, depending on the severity if the situation. The certainty of what they already know is very important to them for personal security, and disturbing it becomes, well… quite disturbing for them!

So we can explain what we’re doing and introduce new ideas to people regularly. But that will only go a certain distance. Lovingly living our values daily, without fear of judgement, is a deeper message to send!

Of course, when people perceive you as preaching at them that does absolutely no good whatsoever. So save your breath, your time, your energy, and both of your sanity if the conversation is getting to that point.

Clear, consistent commitment to your values is the statement of the century!
It’s all about just not participating in things that make you uncomfortable on a deeper level. It’s about realizing that it takes thought and effort to do so, and committing to it anyways.

A large number of people participate in things that they are actually NOT ethically comfortable with for perceived lack of choice! I have been one of them many times. The group mentality is extreme. It’s hard to fight through that current for sure. This is a very complex social pressure. Even a single look from the right person can make you feel SO awkward!

The power to be yourself in a group of people who are not like you at all is a super power all its own… and again, it feels amazing.

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