What Blame Game?

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What Blame Game?

Who is to blame For all these Earthly and environmental atrocities?

We know there is some kind of evil out there, or so we think. Is it the inventors? The manufacturers? The pushers? The retailers or the consumers? What a yucky soup to start mucking through!

Really, there is no time for blame. It’s just time to switch the focus. Focus on what we really want and say no to what we don’t want!

That is it. Doesn’t that sound easier than a bunch of wars against the perpetrators? We can literally cut them off at the source by stopping our monetary support of them. No battle required. We demand what we want by saying no to what we don’t want.



If we know anything about smart business they will change or die… if enough people stick to their guns. But that is just an aside…

When we want to place blame it seems we are focusing very narrowly on the here and now.

I know- in many cases that is the best advice possible.

But in this case it means that we are not taking into account larger purpose or a larger force, much more complex than you could ever imagine and with deeper meaning and intention than you could ever fathom.

Could it be driving us as a human race to rediscover our values and connection to each other and the Earth?

In how many ways could this situation become great if we helped that happen? Think about it.

“Be yourself” is the age-old advice. This means getting back to your roots and your values and living by them. It is totally possible in this society once you find your own personal deepest driving reasons for your lifestyle decisions.  When you do discover the wealth of resources and like-minded communities around you, the future looks extremely promising.

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