Patriotism: Be Love or Serve Death

By Benjamin A. Miller

There is never a justifiable reason to kill an unarmed person. Our fellow human beings, regardless of color, or religion, or circumstances, are more important than anyone’s money.

You are not a patriot if you look down on any human being. You are not a patriot if you care about our troops when they fight, but not when they bleed. You are not a servant of the Divine if you think anyone does not deserve the love of God.

You are the message you live. The healing you share. You are the love you give. This is what makes you a human being.

Can’t we see it?

If we could see we are all built of the same stuff, that we  all have the same needs in our hearts. If we could see that beyond all names and all definitions, we see with the same vision, the world would be healed. All the troubles that plague us would be gone.

So be love- or serve death. The Earth is waiting for you. Humanity is waiting for you. History is waiting for you. To quote a good song, “The question is not if we can. The question is who will take a stand.”