In a World Resembling Hell

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In a World Resembling Hell

By Benjamin A. Miller

If you find yourself in a world resembling hell, don’t give up.

So much pain in the world. Seems like the whole world is screaming. I could hide and think I’m not enough. It would be easy. But I’ve never walked an easy path.

You are not the only one hurting. It’s a funny thing, but I’ve come to learn that shared pain is lessened. And shared joy is amplified. If you can read this, lets share and move it through to the brighter day. Because it sure as hell beats suffering in silence.

 The world will throw an unending series of sucker punches at you. I think you have figured this out. We can do two things, either fall and bleed or get together and slap each other on the back because we survived.

So instead- instead I’ll scream, “WE GOT WORK TO DO! Wake up! Be the change! LIVE AND BREATHE A NEW WORLD!”

No matter how with it you are, its time to stand up for what is right! Be divine! Be an agent of change and karma. Spread learning amongst your enemies. Let the light shine! UTOPIA STARTS HERE!

If you are reading this then you survived. High-five, you bad ass! WE MADE IT THIS FAR. Life, you ain’t got shit. We warrior poets in these parts. Hear my people sing to a new day!

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