Peaceful Love Based Subculture

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Peaceful Love Based Subculture

What better productive protest than a values based zero waste lifestyle?

You can quietly but obviously question the morals of society and give other people permission to do the same. Just begin to participate in a new lifestyle-  turn your back on the old unproductive ways, while gently encouraging new people to join in the movement to whatever degree they are ready for. Every forward motion counts! Taking one step towards greening your life seems to have a gateway effect- the more you do, the more questions you start to ask.

Also paramount is finding like souls and like minds… Uniting with them for encouragement, connection, and accountability, as well as idea building, and fostering natural human relationships and new community.

It will get hard out there if you don’t find people who fully understand where you’re coming from and operate on a similar level. Especially when it’s party season! How do you react to all of the trash, and especially the plastic utensils, straight into the landfill or off to sea after a single-use. Because people don’t want to wash dishes.

I can’t think of a better way to make a statement than to just stop participating in a lifestyle choice completely.

It’s like declaring’ “I just morally could not do that and I had to stop finally… and by the way it feels amazing.”

That is a deep and moving  statement  that will shock people.

You don’t even have to say it out loud.

It seems that this will make the most impact and will be best as a large group movement and without blame. But not necessarily. Well, certainly without blame.

Sticking your neck out and declaring a new value in the middle of a group makes a deep and lasting statement.

It screams, “This is THIS important to me.”

Who can argue?

It’s all habits! All of it! Learn the basics you need to know to become your own habit making and breaking guru HERE! Then just take it a step at a time!

AND it INCLUDES access to my popular micro-webinar, called “5 Common, Rarely Talked About Law of Attraction Blocks-that keep sucking you back into old 3D patterns and mindsets,’ and you’re gonna love it!

Betsy D

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