Your Scars Can Increase Your Personal Strength

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Your Scars Can Increase Your Personal Strength

Loving and accepting every aspect of yourself is at the very core of your potential for a happy, healthy life.

We often forget, and think we need to “just get over” an event that has haunted us and affected our life. But when we look at and acknowledge our scars, we gain empathy for others’ journeys and reactions, and we can become stronger. Then we can extend that kindness and understanding we just gained back, and mirror it onto ourselves. This gives us the power to create peace, one moment at a time.

Knowing and accepting ourselves, our limitations, and our emotional scars also increases our personal power and our actual ABILITY to be happy from moment to moment! So there may be some processing to do, to decreases the charge or intensity of your emotional scar and the reactions that come from it. We will talk about how to do that, too- it’s usually the first step to loving them.

Life happens.

It hurts and it feels amazing and anything is possible. It’s a wild ride that will whip you back and forth like none other. Did I really have to say any of that? I think we all get it. 

As life and experiences unfold, we get scarred up a bit, and we hide them away from the world and from ourselves. We were traditionally taught that all scars are bad, ugly and to be hidden. All of this energy gets funneled into pretending these parts of ourselves don’t even exist. We fear that our scars will sabotage our lives or our image.

While they must not be allowed to dictate our behavior, they are really just confused parts of ourselves that want love and acceptance. They also shape us in positive ways and make us colorful. Acknowledging them creates a space for growth, acceptance, or movement.

We could really free up some good motivation and energy for bettering ourselves and the planet if we could stop trying to deny our scars and just embrace them. Many of our scars can even lead us to deep and profound action in the world if we can get in touch with them and accept them. There is some processing to be done, but acceptance is the most important integration here. In truth, “scar” is not even the right word. It’s just another colorful brushstroke on the canvas that is you. One more way that you are unique and complex.

This is a post about loving and accepting your scars so you can feel more powerful every day!

How can you start accepting these scarred parts of yourself on your own level?

For one thing, you can definitely take time to realize the purpose that scars do serve in protecting you. Safety is very very important. Your emotional scars or blemishes may even have a message for you if you stop and ask for information.

A simple and important way to get more comfortable with your scars or process the charge around them is this:

Sit quietly and think about your lifetime’s scarring. But once you’ve got it all stirred up after a minute (not too long!) with all that thinking, just sit with it. Shift your focus instead to feeling any physical sensations you notice coming up in your body. Try to “become your body”- let your mental awareness drop down into your throat or below, and have your experience from there, instead of your thinking. Be aware that you might twitch or something. This means you are definitely on the right track!

Visuals are also valuable information and often come as symbols. If a visual comes to you, don’t analyze it too much until later when you are not in physical sensation anymore. Try to just observe the process and see what happens. That’s just a way to quickly process some baggage around your scars.

Another understanding that helps is this:

Many scars are “universal”, and provide valuable input on how to do better for yourself and others in the future.

Where’s the line? When you burn yourself and learn not to touch hot stuff, is THAT a scar? Or is that just learning? That’s how blurry it can be. Learning and being shaped as humans and personalities comes in part from what some would call “scarring”.

A great example of a universal scar is this: just living on this planet in all of its chaos definitely leaves a scar. Most people on this planet have this same scar. The scar that comes from having to see and understand the horrible things that go on in this world. Although this scar can make one person murderous and the next person be Mother Theresa, universal scars bind us together as humans and energy, and teach us how to have more empathy for others.

Empathy is crucial component to world peace. Through life and social experiences, which can both be scarring, we come to understand the caliper of what others may be going through. This is where empathy has the opportunity to grow and blossom. 

It’s definitely true that scars can be detrimental and cause trouble in our lives and society. But as individuals ready to evolve, we always have the opportunity to accept that certain scars are in fact holding us back, and begin to move towards freedom. The same feeling and visualization process I describe above will be very helpful with your UN-helpful scars, as well.

If the scar is too intense and you cannot move forward, it simply means that something is missing and it isn’t time. You’ve likely made good progress with it, and peeled off many of its layers in the process. In this case the best remedy is more acceptance and self-love. More time and a new focus are needed.

Whatever the size and shape of your scars, we are all here at to accept you and welcome you home! And if you haven’t signed up yet for our free email series that helps you love yourself and refocus on your priorities and mission, you should definitely do so! You’re going to love it!

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