Badass Surrounded by Infinity

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Badass Surrounded by Infinity

By Benjamin A. Miller

Deep breath. I really am weird enough for all of this. WHERE IS MY FRACKING HELMET!?

What a marvelous time to be alive! You are a rock star, believe it!

So as much as it hurts, for all the shots to the dome life gives us, this is just a tiny moment in an infinite existence, in an unending perfect world. Don’t wait for good stuff. Absolute infinity surrounds us all the time. What more could we ask for? The moment is all. Like this one! And this one! Whoop, another!

You’re a badass surrounded by infinity!

You are a badass. Just accept it.
For example. I could be all “I’m getting old.” OR I could be like, “I have barometer built in to my back and shoulder!” It’s an upgrade!

What if I told you that you are a dynamic piece of the great engine of existence? What if you had a great purpose? A thing that only you could do? A purpose that served the unstoppable workings of the universe! You do!

It may seem trivial because you have not SEEN it. It’s not. You are an agent of growth and change. A one of a kind shaper of the world! A soldier fighting for a bigger universe!

And you are not alone. Not even close

May you share life, brothers and sisters. It is time for dreams. I salute you.

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You're a badass surrounded by infinity!