The Far Reaching Impact of Giving Others Permission

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The Far Reaching Impact of Giving Others Permission

Mission: to live by your values, in hopes of inspiring others and giving them permission to do the same.

You have no idea what your action alone can do for other people- and entire groups- without you even talking about them.

You have seen it in the movies. A few brave souls stick up for themselves and their beliefs in the middle of their group of peers. The next thing you know 90% of the group admits that they thought the same thing all along, and they are now rebelling against the original group mentality!

You can be the silent instigator of such amazing change.

When you do your sustainability thing with confidence, you subconsciously give others permission to do the same. You also lead by example! Here’s the deeper, bigger impact that giving others permission can have:

The more people that gain permission to be their greenest self, the more of those people will be out there accidentally giving more and more people permission to be greener. And so on and so on… it grows in many directions- kind of like a pyramid scheme!

We ALL win when we feel permission to be ourselves.

The web of permission can spread far and wide if a bunch of us just commit to doing our best in every scenario. I have seen this in action- it really works. At the cheese counter, I kindly explained about plastic bags and asked for my purchase to be wrapped in butcher paper instead at the deli.

Then the guy next to me in line said to me, ” I love that. I have not been loving all those bags. You just gave ME permission to do that!” And you should see the silent epiphanies I

give people JUST by not using produce bags, and piling all the produce in my cart like a glorious rainbow.

Do your thing! Be you! Ask yourself what your values and morals really are, and start to back out of lifestyles and products that go against them.

If enough people just stop blaming others- whether or not blame is due- and instead, get green like they secretly want to, refusing to support unethical businesses/practices that they don’t believe in anymore…Well then!

Bad businesses literally cannot survive unless enough people keep supporting them through purchases.

If we all stuck to this, the big idea is that after a while, many of the world’s evils would have no feeding source to keep sucking off of, and they would have to shrivel and die.

Their death and memory can serve as fertilizer, lore, and lessons for the bright future ahead. Let the sun shine in!

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