“It’s So Expensive…”

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“It’s So Expensive…”

The fact of the matter is that it costs money- real money, and natural resources to make a totally cruelty free and natural product from start to finish. This again points us quickly back in the direction of second hand shopping! Zero waste, humane, inexpensive, giving back to the community, and saving the landfills.Fair trade 2

Here’s just one surface example of what it takes to manufacture a product.

Growing the cotton for a T-shirt and all that that entails, and then turning the T-shirt into thread (HUMANELY using people to pick and prepare the cotton), and building factories (HUMANELY using people and enormous resources), and paying people living wages to work in them, in a SAFE environment, to turn  that cotton thread into a shirt, and then shipping it around the world. That’s just the beginning.

Now, add in what kind of natural and monetary resources it takes to continuously run that factory. Does that sound like it would cost the Earth and humans a whole bunch of money and resources? When you really think about it… it does, doesn’t it? It starts one thinking.

But the consumer world supposedly wants that t-shirt to cost $8-$15, and they want every size and color on demand? When you look at it this way, the pricing and availability actually seems a little absurd! This is one reason that Earth and ethics destroying shortcuts by manufacturers start to come into play.

Reality Check: a more humane lifestyle is FULLY POSSIBLE! But you have to become savvy and creative and turn it into a game. It really is fun once you start learning! A real life, slow action, strategic video game where YOU are the silent superhero!Fair Trade 3

You may have to scale back on your old, outdated purchasing habits, and learn some new favorites that are more in line with your deeper values. It’s a learning curve, but not so bad. Realizing your options is half the battle.

And there are a LOT of options out there! Your life will become normal again after all- but better. Clearer. Free-er.  People will be inspired by your lifestyle, whether it seems so or not!

Adjusting does not have to be hard when you use your conscience as your drive. Not guilt! Guilt is an insidious emotion. Your drive here is the amazing positive difference you feel in your life by  saying yes to your own values finally! SO liberating. It feels like- dare I say- abundance!

For most of the things we think we need, We DO HAVE AN ETHICAL CHOICE! There are MUCH better alternatives for basically everything that makes your life so convenient. They are all over the internet and in your own backyard!  I have many  secrets to share with you- that’s why we built the-green-button.com!

Of course, living by these standards makes our lives tick a little different than your average modern human. People have big respect for people who are able to stand up for their values. And it tastes like freedom!

I am here to tell you that it is incredibly worth it in so many profound ways. It feels like I am forging a deeper connection to my truest values- what lies below all the other values and feeds them.SumthinElse

The reality is you really have to know your stuff in order to be a humane and sustainable shopper these days whether it be in food or clothing or even housewares generally. Vague and meaningless buzz words like “all- natural” are everywhere. Second hand shopping really clears the conscience quickly 😉

Another project in the works here: To help people make eco and ethically based consumer choices with ease- a green and sustainable services, companies, and product directory and review board! It’s a little ways off. I will mention it again! Look for the “GreenBiz Directory” coming soon!

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