6 Horrific Reasons Why I Do This

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6 Horrific Reasons Why I Do This

The way I see it, the world is a beautiful place with a lot of ugly realities- but we have a choice to opt out!

Today, it’s our job to face these realities and move away from them as fast as possible. Not only to create change and feel more wholeness in our own lives, but for our fellow humans and sentient beings, so that we can all transition into a more peaceful and connected existence together.

I’ve got good news and bad news.

The Bad News:

I’m here to inform you of the horrendous practices you are unknowingly supporting with your purchases.

The Good News:

I’m here to show you the way to ethically sound, environmentally safe options. I’m here to help you live more at peace with your morals!

 I have two main areas of focus:

Outward- changing what practices and behaviors you support in the world- wasteful manufacturing or detrimental fast-food lifestyles, for example. Be consistent.

Inward- your own habits that you make and break- to support you so that you can show up as your most powerful self to make your difference.

So, yeah. Shopping is pretty much always a gamble these days. Being in stores can be hard for me to handle. When I’m walking through a store, I’m on autopilot. I go right into this specific question in my head without even trying. Has the product been associated with any or all of the quietly rampant issues of following?

Forced labor and child labor.

According to International Labour Association: “Forced labour refers to situations in which persons are coerced to work through the use of violence or intimidation, or by more subtle means such as accumulated debt, retention of identity papers, or threats of denunciation to immigration authorities.”

Can you imagine being held at gunpoint or otherwise severely threatened for 12 to 18+ hours per day, making electronics or jeans and sofas? Being beaten if you got tired or slowed down? It’s sick and wrong, and more prevalent than you know among very popular brands. You could seriously be wearing some questionable brands right now. Google forced labor in regards to your favorite brand of phone, for example, prepare to be devastated. We must say no to these companies and find better options!

Environmental and wildlife destruction and endangerment

Deforestation. Desertification. Endangered species. Toxic waters. Displacement of indigenous people. All of these are direct effects of corporate activity such as monoculture farming, tree use for paper and wood products, oil mining and transfer for plastics and fuel, and so much more.

The trash we create has a large role here a well. Sea turtles are endangered, partly because of the plastic bag epidemic in the ocean, and that’s just one of the problems. We as consumers are being called to change our focus and demand better.

Single-use plastics

Whether “compostable” plant based, or oil-based, plastics are wreaking havoc on our environment, by leaching toxins into our soils and waters, endangering all sorts of wildlife, or both. Recycling is not the answer- cutting them out is.
Today’s biggest problems are straws, plastic shopping bags, ALL styrofoam, bottled water and beverages, take-out containers, disposable plates and silverware, and plastic to-go cups and lids- yes, coffee cups too- they are lined with plastic! We can re-train ourselves to not need or even want these things!

Animal abuse and torture

Factory farms and feedlots that fatten livestock, and keep them in torturous, unsanitary conditions are only a part of the problem. Angora, wool, and leather farms have the same horrifying issues. You’ve really got to be careful to actually avoid these practices.

Next we have scientific animal testing facilities, where animals are kept in uncomfortable conditions, and often inhumanely experimented on. Then there are the unthinkable puppy and kitten mills where many of our pets came from. We must find new outlets for the things we need, in order to avoid these atrocities.

Toxic products in your home

Your home is no longer a safe place to be. Did you know about your hormone disrupting shampoo and body wash? What about the carcinogenic chemical cleaners in your home? Even your carpet- off-gassing deadly chemicals for years without you ever knowing it, and the toxic products you use to clean it. Your family’s health and well-being are at stake! There are chemical free, natural products that will work wonders for your health and home- and yes you can even sanitize with them! Choose a non toxic life.

Toxic, harmful foods widely distributed and sold as safe

Think GMOs. Think pesticides and herbicides that slowly but seriously degrade your body systems over time. Not to mention chemical preservatives and flavorings. Not only are these products terrible for the Earth. These ingredients wreak havoc on your health, your mood, and your state of consciousness.

They hinder your life, and your ability to perform and make the best choices in your life- including making and breaking the habits you choose. These toxins are everywhere. Why is non-organic considered normal, and organic food is special? We must become aware and take action for our own health in order to truly move forward in our lives.

It’s all totally overwhelming, I know. Big or small, just start. I will help you find your way out of all of this- step by step!

To kickstart your bigger commitment, I suggest picking one habit you want to change, then opting in here and applying what you learn in this free email training series to your chosen upgrade or boycott, and to all the changes you’ve been wanting to make!

It also includes access to my popular micro-webinar, called “5 Common, Rarely Talked About Law of Attraction Blocks-that keep sucking you back into old 3D patterns and mindsets,’ so be sure to sign up!

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