For Deeper, Systematic Impact, Try This

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For Deeper, Systematic Impact, Try This

Here are some examples of ways to make WAY bigger impact with your current resources.

Here are some brief and reasonably general ideas just to spark your imagination and get you familiar with the concept of thinking in terms of deeper, systematic change. This is by no means a comprehensive list- just the tip of the iceberg…seriously, like the itty bitty, tippy, top, tip of the iceberg- but goes or some of the biggest impact examples. The best part of this list is that any example could be applied to ANY category. The bottom line is, do something with farther-reaching impact than you are doing now. Up the ante!

Animal Cruelty on Factory Farms

Let’s say you are very concerned with animal cruelty on factory farms. Besides becoming a vegan or finding a very humane cattle rancher or farmer of whatever variety, save up and donate to lobby towards a bill, etc. that requires an acceptable level of animal well-being on factory farms, or something similar. I have heard of this actually working to change a law for the good!

Get a pool of people to do this with you for an even bigger impact yet. People are starting to do this out there- I have seen it! Big bucks can be raised for any cause, given the gumption. Utilize one of many fund raising websites out there.

Or join a coalition that fits your personality type and go out and educate the world on how to 1) eat vegan SOMETIMES, and 2) help the anti-cruelty cause, even if they are not willing to give up meat. There is also a profound act called bearing witness, where you go to farms with groups and witness the horror, in an effort to acknowledge and stand in solidarity with the situation and the animals affected, and let the companies know that people ARE watching. This has surprising energetic and social impact toward the cause.

Forced Labor Issues

The same approximate idea would apply if forced labor was your main huge issue. You would of course stop buying things that are made with forced labor to the best of your ability. But beyond that you would once again attack the root! Make more people AWARE- have the conversation. Show them that there ARE sustainable, fair options for the things they need. Or even bigger: Most countries where forced labor takes place have laws and loopholes making it legal! The US companies (and others) exploit this, and the US government basically allows it.

HUGE: the US government often gives tax breaks and other monetary/business hand out incentives to companies that ship their labor specifically overseas, giving incentive to find the cheapest labor possible for other reasons as well. We need to look to our government to change their laws to not allow American companies to partake in these overseas atrocities at ALL, let alone end up with tax breaks for it!

Yes, it’s big. And all of this while boycotting continuously the corporations and practices that we deem unacceptable. Again, this will look like lobbying and money raising also. Swaying the government most often requires cash.

There are likely also deeper political actions you can take in contacting the governments of the countries that have laws with huge loopholes that foster all of these issues. So maybe you just have a voice and nothing else. If enough people use their voices and their wallets to make the statement, something’s gotta give… yeah, you get it.

Communication with overseas government is definitely not my forte or specialty! But I’m throwing it out there because I know that it’s an option. If nothing else you have a voice. Get it heard.

OR inform the masses… make a handout with logo images of  known forced labor brands, and briefly explain the horrors of forced factory and farm labor on the back side. Have a link available to our GreenBiz Directory to show them where to find ethical companies! Hand these out, and leave them hanging in store windows.  Or pin them on the coffee shop cork board- wherever people can leave flyers and business cards. Use 100% recycled paper, of course.  Or go even greener- make a video- or a You Tube station of important videos without ever lifting the camera, and share it with the world!

And Saving the Planet

So. The final example! Your concern may be specific, not to humans or animals, but to the PLANET itself! If you have a specific larger general environmental concern about the way companies do business, you definitely want to pull yet another version of this routine! Here you go.

Of course you pull your business from the companies that are offending you, and you make sure that you clearly and maturely tell them why, just like in all of the other examples.

Tell them what criteria will be required for your business to return to them. Or if they have burned their bridge. You must be clear and concise, and maintain a tone that they will respect and hear, but tell them what’s up! It’s kind of an art, actually.

Again, figure out how the government is involved. It definitely is. That is the root or pretty dang close. They may be refusing to set up a recycling system in your area, or not giving companies incentives to adopt greener practices. How can you lobby them with money, promise of glory, and facts, possibly in combination, or otherwise make a difference towards that root cause? Take the time to step back and figure it out. Sometimes it starts with talking to someone.

Is there a bill in your area or the country that would give incentive to companies/manufacturing industries to perform daily business in a more sustainable or humane way? Can you add money or manpower to that operation?

So Here is the Bottom Line:

Do anything to help your cause and move it forward. But while you’re at it, brainstorm it up, to see if you can one-up yourself- lovingly, of course. Think about it: what might be a small or medium sized action that would make a really BIG difference in your world, or in the whole world? And what action would address the root causes, which usually lie in false understandings and government policy?

Find a comfortable (or slightly uncomfortable) upgrade to your effort and feel that much better about the difference you make daily.

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