Some Notes on Truly “Escaping the System”

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Some Notes on Truly “Escaping the System”

This post is a a lighthearted literal disclaimer on my use of the phrase, and a deeper meaning behind the expressions that indicate “escaping the system”. This post is NOT to call anybody out for not being good enough- it’s to create some fun outside-the-box attitudes. Escape in ways that make YOU feel more free… and you’ll BE more free!

Ah, escaping the system.

It’s my favorite figure of speech, and I like to throw it around a lot. But can we actually escape the system? If you join an indigenous remote tribe of bush people, or start your own, yes!

So… kinda not really.  Just getting totally literal here… this is a lighthearted ‘disclaimer’ on my use of the phrase, and my personal deeper meaning behind the expressions that indicate “escaping the system”.  This post is NOT to call anybody out for not being good enough- it’s to create some fun, outside-the-box attitudes. Escape in ways that make YOU feel more free… and you’ll BE more free!

So even if you’re really willing to go all the way rogue and disengage from society for the most part, grow your own food, make your own clothes, chop the wood to heat the house, etc, you’ll have to play the game to some extent. Even then- if you were living totally off the grid, making your own clothes for example, who made the fabric?

Who grew the cotton or hemp, etc. to make that fabric? What about your pots and pans? Who made the ax that chops your wood? How was the metal mined and forged? You’ll probably have a generator you bought some place…

I could go on and on with examples of products that you use in your house, and it would be fun, but I digress. Manufacturing industry is obviously pretty helpful and darn near vital in little AND big things that we totally take for granted. But the industries DON’T need to have such unethical practices, and we don’t need as much of everything made in the first place!

Let’s say everything you have is second hand or salvaged, and you’re living off-grid, completely sustaining your own food, water, and energy needs and everything.

Now we’re really getting somewhere, and you’re seriously blowing my mind if you do this! But just to be technical… you’re still relying on the manufacturing and labor systems that made that stuff once upon a time. BUT, you could say in this case that you were not supporting the current system. And THAT is totally amazing!

It does seem like we’re kinda stuck. I personally love all of the people and families do make this type of commitment and lifestyle. I have mad respect, and in fact reverence for these people who live this way! I’m actually planning my own perfect version for myself. Of course 😉

The fact is just that you’re most likely always going to have ties to “the system” and “the man” no matter what you do. So the best thing you can do for your personal freedom is find and cultivate your own happiness from within. This is how you truly become free:

Choose freedom in your heart, and don’t let outside influences dictate your internal happiness and self love.

You don’t have to feel guilty for not wanting to live in a cabin in the woods, cultivating and foraging your own food. You have an amazing opportunity to liberate yourself, no matter where you live!

YOU decide to choose good, do good, and feel good. The powers-that-be can do a lot of horrible things out there, but they can never control your reactions, or the person you show up as on a daily basis. Though they may try, they don’t control your happiness. YOU get to choose, and this is a huge secret: THIS IS YOUR ULTIMATE FREEDOM, and a major key to manifesting the future you want.

Of course it’s good that you worry about what you know is going on in the world, and you even take actions to help fix it. But do not let it consume your daily good mood, your enjoyment of each present moment, or your life outlook. Being in control of your reactions and daily happiness are these beautiful golden freedoms that we all have, and they can’t be taken away!

This is escaping the system on a much deeper level. Find that balance between living within your values, and not feeling the need to react in an overbearingly negative way to life and circumstances- your own and others’. It sometimes takes some re-training of the neural pathways, but it’s an amazing place to be.

This part of you has already escaped the system, it’s just waiting for the rest of you to catch up. No matter what people tell you, here’s a little secret: despite the world’s suffering, you are free to feel free and unattached! How? With a ton of it, as scary as it sounds, you can just… LET… IT… GO.

Seriously. A lot of it is just distraction from true happiness. Start up your new practice today!

Choose your feelings. It’s one of your biggest freedoms and rebellions! Scientifically, you can treat them as new habits, and go through the motions of loving them, then replace the ones you don’t want with ones you do want. To learn some of the most important things you need to know to about HOW to truly make and break ALL of the habits YOU want, opt into this free email training series, delivered to your inbox! 

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