Rise from the Seat of Your Consciousness

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Rise from the Seat of Your Consciousness

By Benjamin A. Miller


For all that you care about, for the infinity of love from which you come. Stand for life never ending. Stand for the line of humanity, from jungle to godhead. Rise from the seat of your consciousness. Till the universe rings with awareness, stand for sharing. Rise for the light of the world.

With the ultimate weapon we ride to battle. We are armed with love and nothing is our enemy. If it is not nothing, it is of the rise of the world.

 When you are dreaming- if you look at your hands you realize you are dreaming. You take control of the dream.

Dreamer, look at your hands… Awaken.

The highest ambition of an aware being is the furthering of awareness. Share life and raise yo’ frame. For as you do, so do you raise the world. Because as it turns out, we are all in the same boat.
You are “of the future”. Take your power and walk.

Love and love and love. You wield the Sacred Fire. Take it and heal the world.

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