On Being Tired of Fighting the Fight

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On Being Tired of Fighting the Fight

By Benjamin A. Miller

Transformation really takes a lot out of you. But the wings are fantastic!

When life breaks you apart, remember playing with Legos as a kid. You can cry over what you built before or you can make something new… with laser turrets and a detachable hover bike.

Oh, and don’t leave the unused pieces on the floor, other people might step on them. That sucks.

It’s okay to be tired. We are fighting a big fight. We get hurt; we bleed. But we hold up the roof of the world. Not the guys with portfolios and connections. Its the weird people, the ones who mull over strange dreams, that shape the world.

It’s easy to be okay. It takes grit to be unique. To push the envelope. And as tired as I am? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Wink wink. Nudge nudge. You bizarre marvel. We got this.

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