Zesty Spicy Veggie Sauce

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Zesty Spicy Veggie Sauce

Flavor is so important! Zest up those steamed veggies and brown rice! Mmmm, zesty!

Dressing: a dash of salt, sesame seeds, crushed red pepper flakes, chives, minced fresh garlic…

All mixed into 1/3 White rice &/or white wine vinegar and 2/3 cup  olive oil, and a dollop of mustard to keep it all mixed… more than a dollop if you want to add some mustard flavor.

Make the dressing a day ahead of time if possible, but even if you make it when you start your rice, that should be fine. You just want the flavors to meld a bit.

If possible, be greenest! Steam the veggies over the rice ad it cooks, in a steamer pot that fits your rice cooker or pot. Add the veggies in the right order, near the end, so they don’t cook  too long for your liking.

For example:
Sweet potato, broccoli, and carrot can steam for 6 to 10 minutes depending on how crunchy you like them, zucchini for about 4 minutes, so add it later.

Food for thought: Crunchy, lightly cooked vegetables hold more nutrients, but softer cooked vegetables’ nutrients are easier to digest.