Asian Sweet Potato Dal

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Asian Sweet Potato Dal


Easy! Unrealistically delicious… The sweet potatoes are melting and making a sauce with the other sauce…

Sooo, as far as the happiness highlights, these veggies are all soothing and healing to the gut lining. Ok, with the exception of the peppers, but they are still great! Cooked soft is the best way to get easily digestible nutrients out of veggies.

Very coarsely dice the following so that they will all cook approximately the same:

~Two zucchini
~Two sweet peppers your choice of color
~2 average sized sweet potatoes or one huge one
~1/2 of one head of cauliflower, in smaller chunks for cooking time.

You’ll need a large, deep, covered pan.

Use a high-heat cooking oil like avocado oil & heat your skillet on low-warm

Add the cauliflower and sweet potatoes to the heat for a couple minutes first, then add the rest of the vegetables.

Salt and pepper generously, stir, and cover.

Stir as needed and keep covered. Keep cooking on low or warm until all of the veggies are soft like they were in a stew. When the sweet potatoes start getting mushy on the outside and making the mixture kind of starchy, but are still intact, and the zucchinis melt-in-your-mouth… About 15 or 20 minutes.

At the end of the cooking, add garlic powder, maple syrup, Tamari, and cayenne to taste. Stir and let it cook another minute or so.

Optionmal: Serve with brown rice, quinoa, or chickpeas Sooooo good!!!

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