Balsamic Yams and Arugula with Pine Nuts. 

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Balsamic Yams and Arugula with Pine Nuts. 

15 minute superfood. Prep and cook!

Balsamic yams and arugula with pine nuts.



Pine nuts


To highlight your happiness: Yams are a good source of good carbs, minerals, and soluble fiber to keep blood sugar even. Pine nuts are antioxidant powerhouses! And they keep the protein in the meal to help boost energy, keep you feeling full, and keep blood sugar steady. ANd the arugula… Greens, greens, greens… arugula has a ton of essential minerals and that good old roughage to keep a healthy clean digestive tract.

Cube 2 yams. If you get organic you won’t need to peel them. Just wash them well.

1) Sprinkle with garlic, and steam up the cubed yams and a whole bunch of baby arugula for 7 – 8 minutes. The arugula will cook down significantly. Add more than you think you’ll want.

3) Toss with a very simple balsamic vinaigrette and pine nuts, or any nuts! Pumpkin seeds, walnuts, hemp seeds or sunflower seeds probably the next best in health and deliciousness. 

Sprinkle with salt if desired

4) Feed your face!

Serve with  curried zucchini wedges recipe! (Get that one into the toaster oven and then start this up)

Use a steamer that doesn’t touch the water for best nutrient retention.

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