BBQ Veggies & Tempeh with Brown Rice

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BBQ Veggies & Tempeh with Brown Rice

BBQ veggies tempeh, and brown rice

Sooo simple!

Brown rice takes about an hour to cook. Start it up first and it doesn’t need any seasoning unless you want it. It will soak up some barbecue sauce and smoky grill taste, and the nuttiness of the brown rice compliments these veggies.

To highlight your happiness: zucchini is great for the stomach lining healing process. Nice and soothing. Tepeh is a much healthier choice than tofu, and a great source of protein and probiotics. Fiber all around!

Wash up some zucchini and large portobello mushroom caps.

Slice some tempeh about 3/4 inch thick

Any other veggie you choose as well!

Slather your veggies and tempeh in your favorite clean ingredient barbecue sauce, and preferably let them sit for half an hour or so. Add a little more sauce if it seems like the veggies soaked up too much.

I chose a hickory flavored barbecue sauce and it’s blowing my mind! That smokiness tho… I personally recommend a smoky barbecue sauce versus a sweet and tangy one for vegetables generally but do your thing!

Throw your veggies on the grill for 15 minutes, flipping one time, and keeping an eye on everything just in case. Throw the mushrooms on about 5 minutes after everything else and calculate your other chosen veggies for proper cook time.

Place the mushrooms so that the underside is facing up. This way all of the barbecue sauce you slathered on the bottom of it will soak into the mushroom caps as they cook instead of falling right into the fire. When you flip the mushrooms pour the sauce over the other cooking veggies. Zucchini and Tempeh sliced this way take about 15 minutes on the grill.

You could also roast these in the oven if you don’t have a grill.

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