Coconut-Almond-Vanilla Chia Milk- No Fish Eggs, No Cartons, No Powders

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Coconut-Almond-Vanilla Chia Milk- No Fish Eggs, No Cartons, No Powders

Coconut-Almond-Vanilla Chia “milk” protein boost
– no pricey, multi-ingredient milk cartons needed ?

Here is an instant, soothing, no-powder protein shake for a light breakfast or power snack on the go.

~~~Everybody should have a power snack everyday at least once!~~~~~

No appetite in the morning? Maybe you even wake up an hour or two before (or with) the alarm with an empty nauseousness… Those are signs that your blood sugar is screaming for a protein/fat boost.

I’ve been there. Eating feels like the least appealing thing ever in the morning, so you tend to skip it at times… or most of the time. Something instant, light and soothing like this might be just perfect. It’s easy to drink, like your favorite milk substitute.

Happy highlights: around 8 grams of protein in 3 Tbs chia. Chia seeds and coconut oil both have really great brain and stomach/intestine healing properties because of their high omega fatty acid content. For your mood- did you know that stevia is so great for helping your body even out blood sugar that it’s actually considered a supplement?

Plus… water. Hydrate your brain. It literally lubricates it. It’s important to get some water in the morning- and on your break!

Alright, here we go…

~3 Tbsp of chia seeds, preferably soaked or as chia gel (chia seeds in a small amount of water to form a gel)

~option: if drinking it right away, try adding about 1 Tbsp of flax seeds

~1/2 – 1 tbsp coconut oil

~6 to 10 drops vanilla extract (or to your taste)
~4 – 8 drops almond extract (to your taste)
~7 – 12 drops stevia.. (to taste of course) Careful not to make it bitter with all of these extracts and stevia though! ~Around 2 cups of clean filtered water or spring water

Blend until creamy. Add more water if needed.

This could also be used as a base for a fruity creamy smoothie. You would not need to make the milk first in that case-just add fruit and more water before blending it all at once, then adjust flavorings and stevia as needed.

Strawberry is my favorite! You can definitely get a strawberry shortcake thing going on with one of these and a tablespoon of flax…  Or just try half a banana for a little mini flavor flair.

This can be taken to go, and won’t thicken up too much with enough water and no flax. If it does, you can add some water and shake it up!

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