Mexican-Asian Veggie Stir-Fry with Roasted Garlic Tahini Sauce.

Mexican-Asian Veggie Stir-Fry with Roasted Garlic Tahini Sauce.

*I very rarely use specialty ingredients but this is too good!*

~8-10 oz Mushrooms 
~1/2 head cauliflower
~2-3 zucchini
~1/4 cup pre-roasted green chiles
~Salt, pepper and garlic
~Roasted garlic tahini to taste (mine is Sprouts brand)

To highlight your happiness: there is SO much going on here to heal your gut and emotions, and keep your blood sugar steady. Mushrooms have got the protein thing going on. cauliflower and zucchini are both healing and soothing to to gut. This is a great combination of soluble and insoluble fiber. Garlic is antibacterial, and can help with parasites. Tahini adds more protein, trace minerals, and calcium, too!


Stir-fry all of the chopped up veggies until they are your desired consistency. A tad crunchy is better than soggy and overcooked in this dish. Keep an eye on them and assume about 7-10 minutes on the stove, stirring frequently.

If you don’t want the cauliflower to be crunchier than the others, throw it on the pan first for about 1 minute or so then add the rest of the veggies. You can also add the green chilies last, since they are already cooked.

Sprinkle with salt pepper and garlic to your desire

Remove them veggies from the heat when they’re cooked to the crunchiness you like, and drizzle the garlic roasted tahini over the top.

***To make roasted garlic tahini… roast a head of garlic and blend it with your favorite brand of tahini. You can also make your own tahini by grinding sesame seeds into oblivion, roasted or raw.