Simple, Incredibly Delicious Curry

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Simple, Incredibly Delicious Curry

Oh, how I love this easy, spicy, healing stew!

How about some no-brainer Indian food that’s almost as easy as mac and cheese? Maybe you’ve heard of curry paste, but it sounded intimidating and you wouldn’t know what to do with it? It’s crazy easy to use, as it turns out!

Curry made with coconut milk and curry paste is one of the easiest high flavor, high nutrient meals you can make, and super healthy.

Happy highlights: lots of veggies, circulation enhancing spices for the gut and brain, and gut healing, mood supporting (omega rich) coconut milk!

Super bonus: you can use whatever veggies are in your fridge, pretty much. Plus it makes for perfect take-to-work leftovers- or another night’s no cook fancy dinner!

Be sure to protein-up with some high protein vegetables from the protein lists here!

Here’s what you do:

Mix the curry paste with the coconut milk to your desired intensity, and warm it on the stove. Coconut milk from a can or a carton will work.

If you use milk from a carton, it will be a little thinner, with the option to thicken it with arrowroot or another healthy thickener. Avoid cornstarch and wheat flour, as they are likely detrimental to your digestion and therefore your mood. Try kudzu root starch from the Asian section of the store, or potato starch. Both arrowroot and Kudzu root are actually good for your stomach and digestion!

Check out the “good mood foods” area of this website for more details and food lists to elevate your Inner Peace and Impact.

As far as flavor goes, you can add a little salt and brown sugar to deepen the flavor if desired.

Chop the veggies while that delicious sauce warms. Chop them large and evenly, and arrange them in order of how long they take to cook. Add them to the pot accordingly.

For example: add potatoes and thick sliced carrots or other roots 10-15 minutes before the other veggies. Add tomato at the very end, within about 5 minutes of serving time.

Simmer the chopped veggies in the sauce until it’s time to eat! Aka, whenever the veggies are cooked to your liking

Traditionally, you would only simmer the veggies a short time and they would still be very crunchy, but recently I am personally loving them cooked pretty soft- especially that mushy, buttery zucchini… either way! Mmm…

Healing note: softer cooked veggies are more healing and highly digestible for people who have low digestion.

Optional: serve with a small portion of rice on the bottom or on the side.