Spicy Sweet Breakfast Lentils with Arugula

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Spicy Sweet Breakfast Lentils with Arugula

It’s one of those mornings when you know you have to eat , and you don’t care, and you don’t want to, and you’re wondering what kind of quick nothing you can throw together so you can actually kind of put off eating a little longer..

And like, woah- it’s tasty. And all of a sudden you’re the healthiest person on the block… Again. FOR THE WIN! And then.. why didn’t you heat up more lentils? Cuz you thought you just didn’t want to eat… but now you do.

And it makes you actually look forward to the begrudging “force-feed” scenario that is all too often breakfast. And THAT is the biggest win of all.

Did you know that lentils are a perfect protein? They have every essential amino acids that your body needs. Normally you have to mix beans with rice for this effect.

Arugula is one of the stronger detoxing greens

Kimchi is filled with probiotics for your happy digestive system.

And of course, everybody loves raw extra virgin coconut oil, except the palm oil industry and the American Heart Association, since they lose patients and money when people get healthy hearts… The benefits of raw unrefined coconut oil are unlimited I believe! Specifically the good fats that help your metabolism, heal your gut lining, and help your brain function!I

Here it is:

Cooked lentils, hot
Coconut oil (mix it in first while the lentils are super hot)
A tiny splash of tamari or liquid aminos
Some juice from a squeezed orange, and some orange chunks

Mix it up! To your desired taste level. There’s a little less than 1/5 of an orange in this single serving.

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