Monday, Monday? Don’t Trust That Feeling

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Monday, Monday? Don’t Trust That Feeling

#Monday got you down?

It doesn’t have to be so. Monday is just another day- no. Monday is now your new favorite day to choose to focus your mind power on your dreams! It changes your outcome, and the present moment for the WIN.

Who started this when Monday hating thing anyways? Garfield?

What are all the stories that come along with “Monday” for you? What do you perceive to be wrong with your Mondays? Rough start? Heading back into the work cage looking forward to 4 more days of monotony and stress in a row? Nothing flows right? Laugh about it- you have to admit it gets comical sometimes.

How many weeks do you want to keep feeling like this?

Start planning better days! How would you act if you realized that happiness was your birthright, but you had to grow and believe and imagine and do some stuff differently to get there? Really- what actions would you take, what emotions would you adopt?

Feelings are habits, and you can actually rewire your own feelings and reactions to enhance your Earthly experience. Even on a Monday. That’s part of the glory of being human, but it’s also one of the best kept secrets…

And beyond that, your feelings and emotions about Mondays (and everything, really) have some valuable information for you. This information is different for everyone, but the underlying theme is that it’s urging you to take action towards your happiness, instead of dwelling in what you don’t want.

If this sounds like a bit too much, start easy- we definitely don’t want to backfire here. If your job really, seriously sucks your will to live and you’re not seeing a way out right now, just begin to consider the idea that a better life is possible for you.

Focus on a small change that you can believe in.

Ask yourself with deep sincerity, “how can I make my job/Mondays better for myself?” Then after allowing- but not buying into- all the snarky spout offs come from your immediate resistance, think of real answers. Let it simmer for a couple of days or more. It may not come to you right away.

You also have the option to just have a Quantum shift, and decide Mondays are fine and that you’re happy. You have that choice anytime during this entire process of life!

Here are some silly ideas to make your Monday- or your whole week- more exciting…

Why don’t you make your own theme days every week? Maybe it’s a dress up or a dress down day. Maybe you get an extra special lunch that day, even if it’s just something extra special from home. Maybe it’s complement day!

Spunk up your Monday, or your everyday, if that’s what you need! Or on a “dig myself outta this hole I’m in” side, maybe Moday is the day to plan or act upon tiny goals toward bigger freedom? If you keep them small but meaningful, this is quite a perspective changer!

The best part about “Mondays” (whatever day that feeling falls on for you) is that you do have the power to make them your favorite day of the week- either with forward motion,  imagination and manifestation games, a decided change of attitude, or by actively living your dream to the point where you practically can’t wait to get back to work!

    Get that Monday Handled!

That may be in the distance for you. BUT. IT’S. THERE. KEEP FOCUSED ON IT. In as much of a visceral experience as you can, and feel out the details. Write them down whenever possible as well.

Be sure to ask yourself: were you simply taught that Mondays suck?

Is it just another belief that somebody else put in your head, because somebody around you didn’t like Mondays when you were a kid, or because everyone around you seems to think so? You may have simply learned to dislike Mondays from your family. How valid is it to your actual experience? Check in with that.

Sure, maybe you have to go to work again and stuff. The piles await. And misery loves company. It’s “fun” to commiserate with your co-workers when they start complaining, but I nudge you toward refraining,  for so many reasons. Be the awesomeness that sheds some (delicate- watch out for extra-negative Nancies) sunshine when everyone else is complaining. Be the change you wish to see on a Monday morning.

Get excited to stir things up on Mondays!

You can easily make your own life worse by playing into an emotion that doesn’t really matter that much to you, or overdramatizing a minor situation on a weekly basis. Let’s not program in even more negativity than the world throws at us…

This Monday feeling is also a part of the program they want you to subscribe to.

Unhappiness keeps you under better control- you are more easily manipulated when you’re in that state. This is very important- protect yourself with positivity!

And on a global scale, if you believe in the law of attraction or the power of the collective consciousness to any degree whatsoever, think of the energetic negativity ripple that is created across the grid with every turning week. If we are in fact making progress with our own and collective growth/paradigm shift, the “powers that be” do a good job of resetting us (as a collective whole) back to negativity every single week- with a single word and a million connotations- don’t they?

Simply choosing not to hate Mondays, and to use them as manifestation days and other positivity instead, completely flips the script on the current paradigm and the institution’s control regime. And it’s nothing more than a habit that can be upgraded immediately and over time if it’s treated like one. Get started here with this free training, where you can apply fundamental and habit building and motivational techniques to ALL the patterns you want to upgrade!

Let’s make some positivity waves in this quantum grid!

Can you imagine the positive world change that could happen if enough people chose positive emotions, dreaming, and forward planning for this one day of the week? Or even more often? Even if they were busy at work that was less than satisfying, and it took a  moment of reprogramming to feel better?

Welcome to Monday 2.0: Positivity Reboot.

This is your fresh invitation to revel in what you want, any time you want, and especially when the going gets tough. Declare it your new habit, and train for it here.

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