World Power, The Grand Illusion, and You

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World Power, The Grand Illusion, and You

I’ve been lost in thought about the grand illusion of suffering today. The lies we are fed from birth, to keep us acting and feeling in ways that benefit the so-called machine.

Many people ask why the powers that be would want such mind and habit control over people. Why would they feed false information to the masses, to the detriment of humankind and the planet, on purpose?

“Memorize these million facts, then owe us your life for a college education- otherwise your life will suck even worse.”

“Material possessions and instant gratification are the only road to worthiness and happiness”

“There may never be enough to make you feel safe. You’d better buy more.”

“They are not like us- they may threaten our livelihood and happiness.”

“You are definitely not safe-be afraid.”

“You are not enough. You have to work harder.”

None of these things are true.

But it’s just a little too scary not to believe them sometimes. A lifetime of this gaslighting by the powers who continually claim to be protecting us and our planet only stirs this confusion.

As crazy as it may sound, the simple answer is this: at the base level, they feed us these lies to get us to act a certain way that makes them feel safe and secure. The wailing, dying cry of the old paradigm of fear and scarcity feeds them and controls them, and in the big picture, they’re the worst off out of all of us.

It’s one of my devastating fascinations, and I often find myself asking “the big big picture” to show me possibility. To give me hints as to how all of the insanity and lies connect to pixelate and/or shed a veil of illusion over this giant Earth party.

It’s hitting me deep right now, as it does in waves sometimes.

This one feels like a wave of hope.

The world situation is just terrible, but there is so much meaning and potential behind it. So much awakening happening on Earth, and so much consciousness becoming aware of itself. But from the human perspective, it often seems that the Earth situation has taken a turn into full on crisis mode, doesn’t it?

And the people who appear to be running the show are, indeed at the head and heart of the problem. They are the whitehead of the pimple of the collective consciousness that has been festering on Earth for millennia. Can we stand to heal the pimple instead of popping it?

In the tradition of healing yourself to heal the world, let’s take a moment to broaden our understanding of our fellow humans’ actions- no matter what they have done to us- to try to find that universal common ground.  And as much forgiveness as possible. This is an important step to move into the new paradigm.

All of the lies, waste, pollution, social injustice, and devastation of the planet and its creatures has a root cause in this consciousness crisis/awakening that’s currently happening on Earth. When we look at the crises here on Earth, we are looking into the mirror of the collective consciousness, and it’s being reflected back at us with this type of symbolism. In real life and real time.

We must heal ourselves and evolve our own consciousness if we expect this reflection (our Earth Realm) to become more beautiful and harmonious.

But as the awakening approaches, we stand here witnessing these atrocities getting more intense. It IS scary.

It’s important to recognize that this is the horrific dying battle cry of the old paradigm, and it’s trying to scare us into staying asleep. Much of the Earth’s population is very prone to act based upon the fear that is created by this dying cry, and that’s its job.

The fear is strong. It persuades people to stay asleep, continuing to live in mediocrity and wage slavery, honestly believing that there is nothing better for them- or just being too afraid to try. Those stories and lies you’ve been told since Earth can bea hard to shed.

Let’s assume for a moment that the people in power are not just greedy and evil, and approach this with curiosity. Why else might they act so crazy and appear to be so evil?

The majority of the people in world power are actually the biggest victims of the lies they feed us.

The dying cry of the old paradigm of fear and scarcity feeds them and drives them to insanity.

Their understanding, and much of the masses’, is that money=safety. And control=safety. And that there are not many other roads to safety.  They’re terrified grownups controlled by fear, but they don’t even know it. But they’re also scared little children on the inside, just like everyone else.

 That’s not to excuse their behavior. That’s to help you understand them, in order to bring you more daily peace.

At the core, they are all operating from the deepest fear imaginable, and deepest feelings of unworthiness. That’s where their control obsessions come from.

The most evil seeming people in power are seeking validation and relief from their own pain, which they believe comes in the form of money and material possessions. And they themselves believe that there is not enough love and joy to go around (usually symbolized by money and things), because they have not not known or connected to it within themselves.

There’s nothing conscious about this process for them. They’re on autopilot and the old paradigm has them flailing in insecurities. They don’t even know a new one is possible. All they really would have to do was make a choice and jump on board with the new one, but the fear that arises with the thought of that type of change for them is so strong that it sends them into temper tantrums and control obsessions instead.

Countless people in power are totally controlled by this phenomenon.

They’re controlled by the same fear that they’re trying to control us with. The only way to start and do the damage is to choose to live from your heart and shed the illusion of fear and scarcity. The more each individual person can free themselves from this illusion and move into love, abundance, and gratitude, the faster the paradigm can shift into this brighter day.

No one can heal and shed these lies for you, except you. You perpetuate of the fear and scarcity paradigm until you stand up and choose better on a more committed level. We’re all megapixels in the image. When enough people walk away from the illusion, the image dissipates and fades away.  The new image begins to form, along with with whatever new energies and deeper truths you discover along the way.

We have to take the lead ourselves and move into the better day that is waiting for us. Our so-called leaders will have to catch up with us- or maybe it’s a New Earth like Eckhart Tolle suggests, and those who choose suffering will stay behind and continue to wallow in it.

The only way the illusion can truly fade is if enough people choose to stop believing it.

When a single person walks away from fear and actively seeks happiness, their light turns on.

When the movement spreads and large portions of the masses begin to live in their own truth, not controlled by domestication, lies, and manipulation,  a brighter new day is on the horizon, and there’s no turning back.

Heal yourself to heal the world.

Betsy D