Heal and Be: Create A New Family Legacy

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Heal and Be: Create A New Family Legacy

How’s the turmoil level in your family history?

What immediate family dramas, feuds, mental illness, addictions, rejections abuse, or other suffering come right to mind?

When we heal ourselves by living our purpose and rejecting the Grand Illusion, a chain reaction occurs that create a healing ripple effect into the past and future.

“All of your ancestors are behind you.
You are the result of the love of thousands.”

But you are NOT your family is ancestral pain story. You inherited a “pain body” and many detrimental “beliefs” from the collective whole of your ancestors, along with all of your other dna gifts.

A lot has happened in your family’s history.

I know. We don’t even know what happened a lot of the time. We often don’t realize that the heaviness and chains are not ours, and possibly not even of this CENTURY. We just feel it as if it is part of our self, or know it as a part of our parents’ and therefore our own deep seeded baggage.

But you can help release all of the ancient pain and stories.

Send them back into the light, and stop the cycle, by healing yourself and choosing to live life on your terms.

Time to Rise…

Step to the forefront and create a new family legacy that stretches backwards and forwards in time.

The new legacy: The negative residuals of our past has been transmuted. This family sees through illusion, says no to what they don’t want, and lives from the heart, source, and and true self. This manifests abundance, happiness, and health for all who surround, and creates repeated empowering ripples across the grid!

That ornery, unhappy family member that thinks recycling is a conspiracy and purposefully contaminates recycling bins, or justifies forced labor? Beneath layers of programming and fear, they are swimming deep in ancestral baggage and belief systems.

Yes. You might not be able to change that person today or at all. But you can heal your past and future ancestors’ pain and suffering by healing your own and choosing real, sustainable personal freedom, in all that means to you.

Here’s a twist: did you know that how you react to these people and so much more can be rewired as a new habit, treated as a habit, and over time you can choose your reactions? Treat unwanted reactions JUST like habits. Really. You can treat them just like habits! Learn 9 things you need to know to upgrade ANY habit HERE. 

In any part of time and space, who and what do you want to heal in your family lines, for every future ancestor that will ever exist?  It all comes down to vibratory states, healing, habits, and moment to moment choices. Remember also that we are all one Earth family, and let this become some of your best motivational fuel.
Betsy D

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