Deepening Your Commitment to Conscious Consumerism

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Deepening Your Commitment to Conscious Consumerism

I know it’s easy not to ask yourself questions sometimes. The answers are often harsh, and leave you feeling trapped in unethical options. but it’s time to pry a little…

Where did that come from? Where does the trash go? Is it recyclable? Who made it? How are they treated? How does harvesting and decomposing the materials harm the Earth and it’s inhabitants?

Where does it come from? Where does it go? 4 blocks worth of JUST the gems.
What is driving me to want or need this? Is it a real need? Can I get a better version that doesn’t make me feel uneasy deep inside? And if it hadn’t hit you yet, overwhelm! Possible shutdown and avoidance.

The upside to refocus to is extreme motivation and opportunity for refocus, growth, and happiness. With so many questions, it becomes easiest- even preferable- to buy less and less, and just go ahead and find happiness from within- whatever that takes. That’s one of many aspects of the opting out that I encourage around here.

But I know! It should be a no-brainer, but changing brands and scouting into a more sustainable lifestyle is super scary to a lot of people! Depending on the people you’ve been around, it can actually feel like heading into the unknown wilderness with a bunch of people watching you, pointing and laughing, and judging your every move. Who here has ever gotten the distinct feeling that certain specific others specifically hope that they will fail to some extent?
If you’re a beginner or feeling timid for any reason, here’s the plan: Today, choose to recycle more than ever before. Terracycle has very extensive Nationwide hard to recycle programs for almost anything you could imagine, like bathroom and lawn supplies, and weird hard to avoid trash like chip bags. Many of their programs are free so check out which ones what help you make the biggest impact, and sign up!
Definitely note that even if a program is full you can contact customer service and participate in the free recycling of those items!  And if you’re outside of the US contact them and ask them if they know of a similar program in your country!
Then also just start noticing the trash on the ground. Make it a point to simply begin to take note, and pick up 1-5 pieces of e each day. Caution: The drive is strong. It becomes almost impossible NOT to take a moment to pick as much up as you have time for. Recycle what you can and toss the rest in the garbage, in a closed bag, preferably paper or plant-based, so that the trash doesn’t blow away along its next journey!

To up the ante, maybe choose 3 to 5 products that are too trashy or unethical for your true  morals and quit them, and/or find better, sustainable, sustainably packaged options- even if it takes a minute.  Be it candy, razors, clothing, lighters, or toys, (etc. etc. etc.) 

Earth (and human) love includes picking up litter.


You were born with a brilliant mind, a ton of power, and unlimited  potential. Think outside the box, take it a few steps at a time, or quit cold turkey to sustainable and ethical options,  and ask questions about everything! 

Then…. be sure to always celebrate!!! And do it sustainably, in some hoity-toity awesome zero-waste fashion that would really annoy some dedicated trash makers. Be sure to include a maniacal laughter group session, as you all feel the power of groups changing the world. Mwahahaha!
Rinse and repeat, discovering the next deeper level that motivates you into further commitment or action. Do this by asking more and more questions about where your stuff comes from and goes (look back at the beginning of this post for questions to ask), and keeping an open heart and a dedication to your own deeper happiness, plus that of the planet and all of its inhabitants!
If you’re ready to upgrade some bigger habits, reactions, or vibes for the planet’s healing, check out this free email training series on making and breaking habits! 
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Earth (and human) love includes picking up litter.