Transform Suffering Into Light

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Transform Suffering Into Light

“If I was King, I’d wear a ring, and never hurt my people.”


Human rights abuses from every angle, as far back as the eye can see. They say it’s human nature, and your opinion is yours to have, but I just can’t subscribe to that belief system- and it won’t help us move into a brighter, more sustainable future.  I see that as another Earthly lie to keep the masses from our glorious unlimited potential to create and be love and light.

But why would they want to do that?  I don’t know. In essence though, they are the most controlled of any of us. It appears as greed, and I can’t say it’s not, but the seed that was sown for them- just as it was for us- is fear and scarcity.

What would you do if you wore the crown?


Then biology and neuroscience kick in. Pathways are laid in the brain, which lead to addictions… to money and stuff, to power and fame, and to the feelings and chemicals that course through their bodies when they do bad things to other people.

We all want the same things. And there is plenty to go around of the things we truly want and need. The mere energy of fear and scarcity throws us into overconsumption, and that’s when there starts to not be enough. That seems to have started at the beginning of time- maybe that’s why some call it human nature.

It’s hard to describe it another way. But it’s not my nature, and it’s not your nature… So it can’t possibly be human nature. The essence of our beings is love. We have been jaded by forces unknown.

It hurts so badly, so deeply inside sometimes to watch the world turn. It’s so easy to fall into fear, hate, anger, and sadness when we get even a tiny taste of what’s going on out there. How can all of this even be real? If it doesn’t bring out your aggressive side, it makes you want to hide in a hole.

You already know this, but here’s your reminder: THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT US TO DO. Divide and conquer, as they say. If they can’t divide us they will try their damndest to suppress our potential to move into a higher vibration without them. They are jealous of our inner freedom and potential, for they feel trapped in their own old, ugly paradigm- consciously or not.

I’m here to inform you that the elite upper-class are VERY aware of these energetic principles we try to spread the word about out here. But because they’ve been programmed to fear and scarcity, they’re afraid they will lose out if others win. ASIDE FROM LOVE, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IS YOUR MOST POWERFUL WEAPON. Use it like there may be no tomorrow. Choose to vibrate at the frequency of what you truly want.

What do we do about all of the pain though, when it weighs us down so heavily? Take a minute. Lean into that ache in your heart- that longing for equality and understanding. Stay out of thought, and search for mixed feelings and sensations of pain, love, and power.

After the most intense part of that passes, take a few moments of gratitude for everything you can think of about yourself. Then add this question into the mix: what would make you feel better about your own contribution? Focus there.

You may have already gotten an intuitive answer as you were leaning into your pain. What is this anger or sadness driving you to accomplish? What is the power that’s welling up beneath all the pain? Focus there, again and again.

Regain your emotional and energetic constitution- whether this means taking a 5-hour nap, or whole day or more to just pull it all in and re-center. Take these strong emotions, and use them for fuel for the good fight!

It will be helpful to update some outdated beliefs as well, such as the idea that “if it’s hopeless, why try?” You try because you count. You are valid and worthy, and deserve to know your true nature- love and light.

Awaken and reenter your own kingdom of light.

It may be old advice, but have you truly tried it yet? It’s powerful stuff. Or maybe you’re waiting for an answer that’s a little fresher to you… But this is it. We can’t move forward until we’ve mastered the fundamentals.

The power and purpose of emotions is waiting right here for you to discover it. You can only get stronger and more impactful by trying and taking action.

If  you’re ready to treat beliefs, feelings, and reactions like the habits that they are, without bypassing, and make the ones you want your new habit, check out this free email training series!

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What positive change do you want to see, and how can you embody that and move us/yourself towards it on a daily basis? Tiny waves are still waves. Any ripple you can make in the quantum grid at this point is for the win! The law of attraction is on our side, assuming we can get enough people onboard and believing in a bigger truth.

Because the pain and suffering are all here to drive us into action on our truest desires, and test our ability to love and be happy within ourselves. We came to this planet to RE-learn to create and be love and light.

We are consciousness becoming aware of itself…

“The sun comes up and I’m all washed out. Is this what Deaner was talking about? I don’t think  I will ever return again, my friend.”