How to “Ignore” the Problem and Make Bigger Change

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How to “Ignore” the Problem and Make Bigger Change

Revel in any kind of beauty and good intention at all times.

But bring awareness to every aspect of your life. Disengage monetarily and focus-wise from things that don’t agree with your morals. That’s how we increase the good and let the bad fade away, when we are surrounded by so much that we know too much about.

Distilling this positive intention/essence of a questionable object, and taking it into our hearts and energies, actually moves us forward faster than constantly focusing on what’s wrong and acting from fear and lack. You can take positive action to change something without supporting it’s continued production, and without obsessing your energy on the problem…

Enjoy good vibes from anywhere, and DON’T obsess over what’s wrong.

You know what’s wrong, and you’re taking love-based actions to correct it. You’re informing others of the problem and solutions-including not focusing on the problem, and not supporting it further with your dollars. All of that is absolutely paramount to create the needed change on this planet, but it’s as much focus as it needs. Then you’re focusing every ounce of your energy on the self and world that you DO want to see, and anything around you that gives you hints of that.

You may notice that I speak a fair amount about the problems at hand. Informing people is important, because if we don’t know, we can’t care or change. And some days I get a little dark, just like everybody else. But do you notice how-much more than what’s wrong- I talk about solutions, personal change, and forward motions that can get us all to a better place without a ton of pain and suffering?

That’s the key. We must not be wallowing in despair, but proactively noting the issues, ignoring them- as much as possible- except for this huge action: taking our personal power and energy and moving it all into solutions, refocuses, and grand visualisations of a bright future for the Earth and all of its inhabitants!

I’m definitely not saying to continue to purchase any ethically or environmentally questionable items, etc.

But walking through a retail store and allowing yourself to observe how pretty things really are, the dreams that they were born out of, and what good intentions they inspire in people (versus the opposite)- instead of focusing on the fact that they were all made with forced labor and animal cruelty while destroying the Earth- is critical. This refocus is paramount to your and OUR energetic evolution and impact.

Hyper-focusing on any problem creates more of it in the world and your immediate reality.

Ignoring the problem completely and living in la-la land means you may still be partaking in it and turning the blind eye in the name of higher consciousness or law of attraction. Where’s the balance?Extract the energetic essence of good from it and boycott everything else about it, including not buying it or rehashing the problem 1000 times with other people in fear or lack based mindset.

It’s a fine art to perfect this energy extraction and combine it with a boycott-based approach to immoral, unethical goods and services. Once you get the hang of it it’s fun and unbelievably empowering. You are super resourceful and a powerful creator.

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You’ve got this!