What If There’s “No Problem” With the Environment?

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What If There’s “No Problem” With the Environment?

So what if human violence really is at a historic low, as the research indicates, and the Earth is in good standing…  and we need not fret or take any action to reverse the damage, as some Law of Attraction gurus proclaim? Some otherwise very evolve d people use this as a reason not to do better for the Earth and its inhabitants, and try to convince you that you’re silly for caring. They’ll tell you that you’re adding to the problem and perpetuating it by thinking about it at all. So just for kicks, let’s just assume that’s all true for a moment.

Why, then, would you continue to take action to take good care of the Earth?

Besides the fact that we’re here to love and evolve, and it makes us feel amazing, and raises our vibration and connectivity level daily? Oh, ok. Yeah, we can get more technical- wink, wink:

Because even if it weren’t just so disrespectful (an energy we don’t want to perpetuate) and wrong to abuse the Earth, its

We try because we love.

resources and inhabitants like that, participating in those destructive, unethical activities and supporting evildoing companies keeps us stuck in lower lower energetic vibrations than we are capable of and long for. We can’t evolve as fully as our true essence wishes to while still participating in ugliness with our dollars and lifestyles, even we are excelling in the abundance and manifestation arenas.

As energetic beings, we’re seeking higher and higher vibrations, and greater and greater evolution. Well, here’s the message: CARING AND LOVING are evolution.

This is choosing love over all else. The Law of Attraction states that you can’t fix something by continuing to pay attention to it… you have to “ignore” it and/or focus elsewhere (or else just feel a little bit better every day if you can’t stop obsessing). This is where interpretations start to splinter in several directions, and people forget what the word “ignore” really implies and means.

It’s impossible to fully ignore something while you are still participating in it.

That’s the bottom line. For example, you can’t be ignoring plastic bottles or straws and drinking out of one at the same time. You can’t actually ignore animal cruelty if you’re literally ingesting abused factory farm animals. You can’t ignore the forced and child labor atrocities while you wear the brands and give your money to companies that employ them. You may be ignoring the negative energy on the surface, but by participating, a part of you is engaged in the energy of the thing. This is the little nuance that likes to be overlooked. For the purposes of this post, we’re focusing on the acts of wastefulness, buying things that are bad for the Earth with bad packaging, from evildoing companies, etc.

In order to evolve as energetic beings and a collective, we must TRULY “ignore” (completely boycott) these companies and

We are seeking the highest vibration of love!

products that commit such atrocities against the Earth, animals, and humanity on a higher level, and refocus to companies that put out the energy and effort that we know is fair and love-based.

Same with our own, outdated, wasteful habits.

We have to stop participating in them as much as possible, step by step, and start focusing our attention on people and things and new ways that are doing it WITH LOVE AND CARE, not greed, fear and hatred. Supporting the ethical with our dollars, energy, and adoration. Letting the unethical ones shrivel due to lack of support, energy, and attention.

Of course, it’s big, freaky world out there, and hard to know who and what you’re supporting. It takes many steps to truly back out of a lot of engagement with evildoing companies, and into more sustainable, inner happiness- oriented life habits, and that’s what this site is ALL about! Check out the FAQ section to take your life-greening to the next level and energetic vibration! We even have a vast and varied book club! And I’m going to help you opt out from supporting unethical companies… without spending your life in research. Look forward to the GREENBIZ DIRECTORY (click for more info) on this very website that will launch on or before Earth Day, 2019!

So to sum it all up, we are here to love and evolve.

Supporting and participating in hate, abuse, and destruction through purchase decisions and lifestyles choices is not ignoring the problem, and it’s definitely not focusing our energy 100% on love.

Another can of worms for next time… how to keep moving toward greater sustainability and humane, ethical purchases and lifestyles- AND spread awareness that this is the way to go-  without throwing all of your energy into the alleged problem and

Float on down the stream…

therefore perpetuating and creating more of it.

The quickest answer for today is to do what you need to do, and always be focusing your heart and mind on the future that you DO want to see, versus the “fight” that you’re “fighting” in the moment. And to reframe your language so you’re not saying things like “fight”.

Just tell people you base your daily choices and actions on what’s most respectful for the greatest good of the planet and its inhabitants… You’re not fighting. No more fighting… We are flowing on down the stream to the freedom of a new, lighter, higher vibe.

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