Light the Spark

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Light the Spark

People will be people.

They may piss you off. They may stomp on your dreams and spit on your truth, so ya may as well get that inner peace party started, ASAP. Scan your body for sensations, and find that one iota of stillness within you. Then focus on it for as long as you can, over and over daily, as often as you remember.

If you can’t feel downright good right now, don’t try to force it. Just choose to feel a little bit better. Set alarms in your phone to refocus on peace and happiness a few times per day, no matter what’s going on in your day or in the world. You deserve such sweet, sweet goodness!!

It WILL grow bigger and bigger if you stay focused often enough. I myself am solid proof that this is true!! I’ve been through some dark and scary tunnels of my own in the past 10 years. SO much purging and growing. I have no idea who I even was before… then again, I never did before anyways.  But I’ve been feeling SO much better and better since I really honed in on it about 2 years ago, with a HUGE leap, and marked improvement after I re-upped my focus on it in the past 4 months. Seriously.

MAJOR happiness and peace shifts within. FAST. After years of half-trying, which also helps improve your quality of life DRAMATICALLY. So go for it! Do ANYTHING to take that first step into focusing on feelings of peace and happiness, to begin to cultivate it within yourself. Just do your best. It will increase as you persist.

You always have the right to declare (with or without your best Cartman impression), “Screw you guys. I’m going home!” Home to your very own carefully cultivated, unshakable inner happiness. It IS there waiting for you, even if it’s protecting itself beneath lays of sadness, anger, overwhelm, frustration, and hopelessness. It is there.

It loves you and protects you, even as you’ve learned to stuff it down and protect it. It’s why you’re still here through all of your Earthly trials. It may not happen overnight- or maybe it will- but when you clear the blocks and baggage, and truly cultivate and realize your own inner peace and happiness, you’ve got it made. You can even be sad or any other emotion, and still know inner happiness in that moment. It’s glorious. So start the journey: begin to reconnect on a deeper level with the love and light that you really are- seek and follow that bliss at every turn!

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See ya soon!

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