Keep Being Bold

What are you trying to achieve right now that maybe you keep stalling on in one way or another? Living more sustainably or healthfully? Practicing bigger peace? Starting your own business?

You’re awesome, and right off the bat I just have to say, thank you for what you’re doing for yourself and the world!

I feel your pain. And my smaller self still has a running narrative a lot of the time that I get to ignore, and sometimes I can feel the anxiety in my body also. Sometimes it wins and I don’t take the amount of action I would like to that day.

But did you know that anxiety is actually the exact same physical state as excitement? Most people are tricked into inaction when they’re actually excited about the future…

The Junction of anxiety and excitement feels kind of like this…

Have you heard of “small me” attacks? They show up as anxiety, avoidance, procrastination, low belief in your own abilities or future, and what Tai Lopez calls “flurries of activity”

… Life. Oh. So. Busy. Can’t. Work. On. Goals. Today….

I’ve been having a lot of small self attacks lately. I’m about to release some awesome stuff online, so it’s no surprise, really. It’s a total textbook reaction to being seen and being yourself.

It’s just a totally annoying back and forth, yes and no, between my true self and my smaller self when I have all of these lofty goals. I want to help spread light and love so much, yet this back-and-forth is happening inside of me…

But I know for sure that I’m moving forward, despite my small self wanting to keep me safe and comfortable. The key is that I know it’s happening and I know what to do with it.

Does this sound familiar? At some point you’ve just got to lovingly call BS on these mind tricks and scenarios. Don’t hate or be mean on your awesome self. But call it like it is, if only to move into observation mode with it, instead of letting it run your life subconsciously. It’s the first step!

Love the small self. It’s important, and has important jobs. In this case, it’s doing its best to keep you safe, in its perception. You must love it for that. It loves you. Then keep taking action anyways. I’m a huge fan of EFT.. also known as tapping… To move back into comfort an action touring these moments of anxiety, etc.

I love EFT so much that I have a free training coming soon, tentatively called “Emotional Freedom for Productivity and Better Habits” as a matter of fact! It goes way above and beyond anything you’ll find on YouTube. So stay tuned!

Keep being bold, even when it scares the crud out of you!


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