How To Labor Day Party Year ‘Round

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How To Labor Day Party Year ‘Round

Labor makes the consumer world go round, and it’s usually not so pleasant as the pollen collecting labor of the honeybee…

As always, it’s important to focus on positivity and avoid as much negative as

Some types of labor are much more pleasant than others.

humanly possible, in order to create more and more goodness.  Avoiding negatives does not mean keeping your mouth shut and continuing to participate with evildoing companies. It means boycotting them- permanently. That’s how you ignore.

Do you dislike your job, and feel like you’re stuck in a cage?

Count your blessings! You have it more than a thousand times better than millions of forced laborers around the world. as you celebrate labor day, remember: it’s time to wonder where your stuff comes from, and who made it, and how they were treated…

Allow me to introduce one of my passion issues: Ending forced labor.

From Adidas and Nike, to iPhone/Apple and Walmart, and even tomatoes, avocados, and coconuts, and any brand, food, substance (like gasoline) you feel you depend on daily…

I encourage you to look up and verify your favorite brand of everything. Include the words “forced labor” in your search. More than likely you’re going to be appalled at what you find. All Brands mentioned have fully documented ongoing histories of employing forced labor without blinking an eye.

“Save us, but save the humans, too,” says the sweet, sweet honey bee.

This is where the ruse really gets messed up. The masses are lulled, manipulated, romanced, and quite frankly,  brainwashed into deep psychological dependence upon items that are not only unsustainable, but that torture other humans, and/or animals, just to be made. And often, they’re thrown away soon after, because they break or were made disposable. Such a tragedy.

When presented with this information, all the blinders go up, and defense mechanisms kick in on a deep subconscious level. Rationalization begins, and denial is thick. People are so lost in life and out of touch with their true selves, and threatening any little piece of their reality, perceived abundance, freedom, or safety throws them into complete avoidance and denial.

But you and I have been awakened, and we’re willing to change our ways to better the planet, and human and animal relations are inseparable from loving the planet in an all one philosophy.

This is where deeper change is manifested.

Whether or not we can convince others, we can choose to disengage for ourselves, find moral and ethical companies to provide us with our needs, and lead by example. Like everything else, once critical mass of humans stops participating in such atrocities, the companies will have to shrivel up and die if they don’t change.

It’s time for a deeper commitment to change and respect.

This is also where/why I REALLY put on my brakes and think about my purchases- beyond (but also including) their pastic packaging or chemical content, and animal abuse issues. And while you can’t know everything- supply chains run deep, secretive, law protected, and convoluted- we must always do our best!

I am at the point where I feel there is very little that I need beyond food and shelter, and what I do need is most often at the thrift store. If it’s not at the thrift store I can usually wait until it is.

I can’t give my money to people who Force others into slavery.

On a PC/humanitarian note, please remember NOT to call these forced laborers slaves. Allow them some dignity. They are human beings, forced into slavery. No human deserves to be labeled as a slave.

RESEARCH YOUR EVERY BRAND AND PURCHASE. Boycott brands that don’t fit your morals. It takes some effort, so check the thrift store instead!

I can’t wait to unveil the green Biz directory- to be filled with vetted brands that outwardly don’t employ forced labor, avoid the most Earth damaging packaging, processes and substances, and also don’t enslave and torture animals for the end product.  Read all about It HERE


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