High Vibin’ Positivity and Momentum Upon Waking

Anyone else feel guilty and lazy when they sleep in, no matter how much you like and NEEEEEED it? Or get a bit pouty or pissy when they wish for more time in bed relaxing on any given morning? Whichever vibration you land in, it’s a no-go. Getting up and sleeping in are BOTH very important!

Did you know that while you sleep your body resets vibrationally to neutral/positive, which gives you a really great head start towards an awesome vibration and manifestations every morning?

..or sad… Or worried about life…

The short circuit is that your nervous system is already programmed (from life) to start feeling and vibrating certain ways (usually negative) before you’re even conscious that you’re waking up. This creates the pattern of the vibes, moods, and motivation you habitually feel in the morning.

KILL the programming and raise yo’ vibe! 

The first empowering step to a lasting higher vibe and happiness is to stop and realize where your emotions go first thing in the morning- like as soon as you wake up- and work on that.

Whether you’re getting up or staying in bed, stop the inner battle. It really lowers your vibration, blocking your ability to attract and do what you want in your life! Like more time in bed or a productive morning!

Find a way to vibe high about what you need to do.

CHOOSE that it’s your choice, even if it doesn’t feel like it, and start thinking of reasons why whichever one you’re doing is the right choice for you on this morning.

Process the resistance and negativity about getting up OR sleeping in by disregarding your thoughts. Yes, it takes practice. Keep practicing! We love you! 3 weeks to lasting change- you can do it! Learn to let the thoughts run in the background while ignoring them and focusing on your body. Just keep refocusing without negative reaction when needed.

Feel and sink into whatever sensations are going on in your body, or allow the good feelings of laying in bed to overtake you in the same manner. Experiment with both and see which one is more relaxing and motivating for you. Sometimes the ticket to suddenly getting out of bed without a grudge is to allow 10 minutes of absolute complete indulgence in the blankets and pillows.

When your thoughts are extremely persistent, override them by holding thoughts and feelings of things you’re thankful for- even if it’s just one thing, for about 20 seconds at a time.

Lots of love is important here.

Then more love. Accept where you are- in life and in this moment- and honor yourself. Act from gratitude. There are countless people all over the world that wish that they could get out of bed when they can’t, and countless others who can’t stay in bed- or don’t even have one- because it means their survival.

Do what you need to do to survive. But make it your choice. I mean… you could just lay there and starve, etc. But you are already making an unconscious choice

Yeah, yeah. It’s your choice. You know you got this.

not to do that. Part of that choice might be getting out of bed and going to work. See? It’s your choice! You do have free will!

Do it for yourself, and do it for your tribe. Do it for the people who can’t. Focus on the self love. Bless your bed and the times you spend together. Sounds a bit overly romantic… but really tho!

Then do what you’ve chosen without further argument.

Are you staying in bed or aren’t you? Let the anguish go and relish in opportunity and choice!

Mel Robbins’ 5 second rule is amazing for this. You’re a rocketship and you count down from 5. When you get to #1 you just do it. Get out of bed/choose to stop torturing yourself- (or whatever activity you need to start) because there’s no other option and you are seizing the moment! Don’t think about other options anymore.  The rocket is launching!

If you’re still having a bad vibe, you’ll need to change your state, a la Tony Robbins. Just jump out of bed abruptly and shake it off. Do an intense, unusual movement that you don’t normally do, and keep doing it for 10 seconds.

Or drastically change your state! Don’t throw anything tho, unless it’s a pet toy ?

After that, do some postures and movements that you naturally do when you’re happy. Like fist-pumping or big claps at a concert! This is researched science, people, and can up your vibe and change your state so fast your head will spin!  But be cool! Tony Robbins has actual nerve damage in his arms from his signature extreme clapping when he comes on stage and pumps everybody up…

On the other side, if you were choosing to stay in bed at this moment, you might use the 5 second rule to shoot your negative self-talk into space and leave it there. You would indulge in comfort and relaxation without guilt from that point out.

Both of these things take practice.

But the new daily vibe and easier mornings can be pretty well instilled in 3 weeks if you choose to give it a try. You’ll notice of happier outlook and attract some good stuff into your life in those 3 weeks, too!

Morning is a crucial time to keep your vibration high because it sets the mood and your actual neural pathway patterns for the rest of the day. It creates momentum towards whatever emotional experience you’re going to have that day.

Your morning vibe sets your vibe for the whole day.

This creates the pattern of whatever mood and motivation you habitually feel in the morning, which carries into your days, and becomes your daily vibration and point of attraction.

Days become weeks, and weeks become months. Which way do you want your momentum going for those months and years?

Practice makes perfect. There will be trial and error. You may have to consciously build it, adding 5 minutes every morning. And maybe certain morning activities bother your outlook more than others?

When I started this, I had a lot of baggage around morning experiences that made this very shaky for me. Like many, I was programmed to feel weird- or bad and getting worse- in the morning.

Surprise! It’s me, vibin’ high with rest!

Although traditionally I had been a very cheerful morning person my whole life, at some point I fell into negative self-talk and abuse in the mornings… which obviously buried me quickly in bad vibes… which, over time, overtook my days and weeks with the same type of attitude! And I’m not unique in this.

For better or for worse, that  momentum will get you, too, and morning is where it starts!

I only made it about 5 minutes in the morning before my vibe would start crashing. But being conscious of this process is the first step, and making a choice to step out of it and into your chosen vibe is the second. If you realize you’ve slipped up early enough, you can reset and continue you’re better vibe, energy, mood, outlook, etc.

Within a week I was up to an hour or so of feeling good, even through annoying mornin routines- as long as I consciously made a choice after noticing that I was crashing. And just like they said, when I stuck with it for 21 days it became semi automatic throughout most of my day. So start today and make a choice! You know what day  is the perfect day to start? Today!

The higher we raise our vibration, the more positive we can stay and vice versa. Then it becomes a pattern that fulfills itself over and over for you and your happy life.

Ready? Time to dance off into the sunrise!

When we get in that groove, we start attracting better and better experiences, people, mindsets, and magical, transformational coincidences into our lives. The more we do that and step into our happiness, the more we raise the vibration of the whole planet and help to heal the world.

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