4) How to Make and Break the Habits You Want….

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4) How to Make and Break the Habits You Want….

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Alright! Next step!

Now you have the foundational knowledge needed to understand your habits and therefore begin to choose which ones you indulge in! But obviously it’s really not quite that simple or easy.

It may take some effort, but you’re on the up & up!

You’ve tried. It’s hard. I hear ya! That’s why I’ve got more for you right here. This next level knowledge will really start to shift things for you if you put it to use.

The first step is using the information. Start observing yourself and taking notes on your cues and routines for example From the previous post in this series), and thinking of rewards that would help keep you motivated. Whether or not you’re quite ready to make the actual change. Like, literally, actually start doing this stuff!

Here’s your next level information on how to make or break any habit, thought, or belief you want.

Over the past 15 years, I have successfully integrated many dozen habits, ranging from simple- like drinking lots of water- to extreme.

They’re all important to my ultimate health and happiness, but here are some of the ones that changed my life the most.

1. Permanently quitting smoking in 2003

2. Losing 85 lb and keeping it off

3. Repeatedly drastically changing my eating habits to lose weight, heal my gut and adrenals, kill my anxiety, and avoid allergens

4. Overcoming self-abuse patterns the came from falling in with a mean girl group in middle school and general societal nonsense. Shoutout to all y’all! <3

5. Choosing calmer, more forgiving and optimistic reactions to people, events, and situations in my life

6. Learning a very low waste, low shopping, highly ethical lifestyle to fit my morals and stop feeling helpless and dependent

7. Cultivating my own self love, motivation, and law of attraction focus needed to create and sustain income, unbelievable living situations, and three of my very own passion businesses

8. Overcoming technophobia so I could help heal people and the world through a global, internet-based biz, including a life changing online course!

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that you just have to start, and commit the best you can to start!

It’s up to you. That habit or thought you’re looking at isn’t going to make or break itself. It’s a step-by step process. And you have to find a way stop beating yourself up when the going gets tough, or things get a little slippery.


You have to start to get someplace…

Making and breaking the habits, thoughts, and beliefs that you want is one of the highest acts of self-love you can perform. I challenge you to make a list of any habits you successfully made for broken in your lifetime!

Once I started mine I was quite surprised at what kept coming. Think about it a bunch, and let it flow. Add to the list later when you remember another habit, goal, or new thought pattern you’ve achieved. What’s on my list here are only a third of the ones on my big list!

Of course, talking about actually making and breaking habits automatically put the brakes on. It’s complicated. Chance of failure is high. You’ve tried before and let yourself down. And people keep saying it’s easy! That’s annoying. I get it! It’s not easy. It’s simple, yes. But it’s not easy. And it 100% takes dedication and hard work.

Here are some basic steps to set you up for success:

1. Get crystal clear on why you want to change. Take the time to make a list of why you want to change. Make sure you have a visceral physical experience when you do this. Imagine into it with your whole body. What does your body and mind feel like when you really throw yourself into the future of having what you want? Do this daily.

2. Every time you feel yourself about to slip back into old patterns, or you’re avoiding the new thing you want to be doing, dive deep into these feelings and remember why, why, why!!

3. But here’s the catch. You can’t just make the list. You have to feel it deep within yourself and hit those major reasons why. Paying the bills is an ok “why”, for example. But the part of that that’s going to be transformative for you is if you think about how secure you will feel when all of your bills are paid with ease.

4. Optimize your environment! If you want to watch less TV, hide the remote and unplug the TV. Don’t leave the remote sitting on the arm rest of your favorite comfy chair that faces the TV. If you want to remember your shopping bags at the store, take them to the car as soon as you put away the groceries.

5. If you have a task you want to complete, get part of it out and put it in your way so that you remember! Optimize your environment! Make it easier for yourself to do what you want to do, and harder for yourself to indulge in unwanted behaviors, whatever that looks like to you.

So yes. Getting new habits into place and ditching unwanted ones takes effort no matter what.

There’s no magic pill or person that can change this. But like I said it can be simple when you have a strategy, take it step by step, and have done a little digging!


Magic glitter pills
Even magic glitter poo pills won’t help. In fact, they’re HELL for the environment and oceans! Please seek a more effective solution.


And it doesn’t have to feel like a drill sergeant screaming in your face every time you falter or procrastinate. That’s why I created the online course for you called “Make or Break Any Habit or Belief You Want- While Loving and Healing Yourself.” No hate. No bad mouthing. No regret. Just forward motion, healing, love, and habit freedom!

If you’ve made it this far, I’m guessing you probably have some big dreams for your own for life satisfaction, peace, happiness, and bigger impact. I’m here to help you move into all of those things! And the first step is choosing your thoughts, beliefs, and habits.

These are the keys to all personal change and growth. But personal transformation doesn’t just happen, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

You need loving guidance, deeper upgrades, self-understanding, and an actual plan. If you’re ready to jump in and start reinventing- or rediscovering- your happiness, your life, and the world around you, check out the course description for “Make or Break Any Habit or Belief You Want- While Loving and Healing Yourself.” Right here!

I can’t wait to see you next time!

See ya thenski!

Betsy D


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