Best Practices For Your Evolution and the Planet’s Wellbeing.

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Best Practices For Your Evolution and the Planet’s Wellbeing.

It’s time for change!

There are there are a certain number of things that are really just self-care when it comes down to it. But we avoid them! We think we’ll do them later when everything else is done. We think there’s no time for these habits, when actually they are the most important thing we could do for ourselves and the planet.

And yes. It’s more habits to create! Yay. But hey! These are a few highly transformative habits that will get you into alignment with your bigger health and higher self!

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For your for your health and the planet!


Just sit or walk with yourself in a calm state and focus on your body sensations or nature.


Sitting and walking. If you don’t like to call it that, that’s okay! I actually call it connecting, personally. But whatever you call it, getting time in to clear your mind several times weekly will change your whole life, and how you experience and respond to it. World peace depends on your peace of mind. If you can’t sit still for a meditation try walking meditation. Go out for a walk and feel everything with all of your senses. Feel your feet hitting the ground and the air. Listen to the sounds. Smell and look around… move into feeling like you’re one with it all.

Self care routines


What does self care look like for you?


Spreading love in the world starts with loving yourself! Self care is a show of self-love, but also the catalyst that allows self-love to grow and grow. What do you need? An extra bath? To eat better food regularly? Or something a little darker, like time to process and unfortunate event, or to disengage from a relationship that’s sucking your will to live? Self-care isn’t always pretty or desirable from all outward appearances.

Enjoyable exercise

Get creative if you need to!


Bodies just need exercise and that’s all there is to it. It keeps them moving smoothly and healthy, it burns off stress, and relieves our minds! World peace depends on your wellbeing! Make a list and start with 5 minutes a day if you are feeling a little rusty!

Proper rest

You DESERVE it and it will help you!


Bodies also need rest in order to function properly and be healthy and happy. Your mental health depends strongly on your proper rest. Your ability to take action for yourself and the planet depends on you getting proper rest. Insomnia often has most directly to do with dissatisfaction in life. But there are dozens of safe herbs, essential oils, and homeopathic remedies that can help you get to sleep and stay asleep! That daily meditation will help greatly as well. If you’re having a lot of trouble sleeping, try resting earlier, even if you don’t go to sleep.

Using less and no single-use plastic

The Earth says, “Pretty Please! Curb your single-use plastic habits.”


There are so many health reasons not to use plastic. Cancer and hormonal disruptions leading to extreme health and reproductive issues are among the top few. And the and the oceans are very seriously suffocating. This is no exaggeration, and is actually an understatement. We have to get control of our plastic use. How many things can you switch away from or start to phase out today?

Eating less sugar and prepackaged food

Bad for your health, mood, and wellbeing… and the Earth!


For the same reasons mentioned in the “use less plastic” section of this post, and because there is little or no nutrition in convenience food and it is riddled with dangerous chemicals as well. And sugar is an absolute mood and energy killer.

Eating more fresh, local food


Fresh local fruits fresh local fruits and vegetables are the best things we can eat for our bodies for a variety of scientific, cultural, and energetic reasons. And they have the lowest carbon footprint. It also drastically reduces your chemical and GMO intake, and your accidental support forced labor industries.

Buying less overall

Save money, save yourself, and save the planet!


Shopping is an epidemic habit that is killing  the planet, making us feel inadequate and needy, feeding the system of wage and debt slavery, and causing animal endangerment and extinction. Less shopping also drastically reduces your accidental support of forced labor industries.

Contacting government officials with your opinion regularly

Time to get old fashioned. Call AND write!


We won’t make the deeper systematic change needed to save the planet and restore harmony unless we cause an uproar and make our voices heard. It’s scary and crappy and nobody wants to do it. But we all must make this a non-negotiable habit to save the planet and restore balance!

This is AT LEAST as important as voting. And if you don’t believe in voting, I hear ya! I’m always in the fence as to whether or not it counts in some way. Whether or not you believe in voting, please consider this your possible alternative for bigger change!

Finding your passion and living it

You’re magical! Live your purpose!


Maybe you live it through creative endeavors on the side. Maybe it’s what you live and breathe every single moment of every day with your career and lifestyle. Whatever it is, bring it back to the forefront and get to playing!

The world needs your gifts so bad it’s screaming for them! Plus, you’ve got to keep that brain and body active for your long-term health. Re-centering with your true self and engaging in a meaningful way with it is totally vital and oh, so enjoyable.

It’s one of the most important things in life, and even a major part of life’s whole purpose. Your joy and connectedness WILL help to heal this planet. So do it to it!

So! There’s plenty more to choose from…. Of course!

But these are some foundational habits necessary for a highly satisfactory life experience and kindness to our host, Mother Earth. Start with ones that seem the most doable for best success into the future. Don’t start with the toughest one until you have built some habit building muscle! And don’t try to change too many all at once. Set yourself up for success. Not overwhelm.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re really into it! Go you! I’m over here cheering you on like a crazed cheerleader! I know you’re ready right now and feeling the anticipation!

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Sending goodness and love- can’t wait to see you next time!
Betsy D

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