The Secret Stronger Foundation for Your Wanted Habits to Stick to

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The Secret Stronger Foundation for Your Wanted Habits to Stick to

To make big change and build the habits, beliefs, and reactions you want, you first have to decide on some level that you’re actually the kind of person that can do that.

And in fact, at the heart of all desired habits, thoughts, attitudes, etc. is the want to be a better person in one way or another.

If you come at your habit change from the angle, “what kind of person do I want to be?” (healthy, motivated, happy follows through, etc.) instead of “what outcome do I want?” (six-pack abs or to quit smoking), you’ll find way more motivation, and a stronger foundation for your new habits to stick to.

The fact of the matter is that you’ve probably been subconsciously telling yourself that it’s really hard to change this habit and you’re not sure if you can or not.

Sometimes understanding that you are capable of being the person you want to be means taking some time to do some deep inner healing and get past some blocks and limiting beliefs. This means taking baby steps at first before you really make the big decision to change on some gigantic level.

You’re free to choose: what type of person do you want to become?


And although it does exist, you can’t rely on some magical motivation to help you change, either. Even the motivation techniques take motivation.  You have to learn that you can rely on yourself, or you’ll sabotage yourself over and over again.

Relying on yourself begins with believing that you can and will take consistent action. Sometimes that’s too much for some people. When this is the case, deep healing, love, and compassion are needed in order to heal your past and update some beliefs, before you really get into deeper habit building. I have tools to help you find that love and clear those blocks in these more sensitive situations, too!

This is practicing the art of showing up for yourself, which is vital to your success. 

At the bottom of every habit is the desire to be a better person in one way or another. And indeed, the desire to show up for yourself, your vales, and your life goals! Is this you? Now we’re really getting to the heart of it.

If you come at habits and change from a purely outcome-based angle such as, “I want to lose 25 pounds,” you’re missing out on a piece (more than 50% of the habit building equation), such as: ” I want to love myself more and have feelings and habits that reflect that.”

Focusing on your goals from this fresh angle will actually make things a lot easier for you, and change the entire tone of your habit building endeavors for the win! No wonder it’s been difficult in the past to create the habits and thoughts you want…

You will have to push through self-doubt and heal your past that lays behind it, and push your boundaries anyways! It’s the only way to grow. Even with deep healing, which is also crucial to your peace, freedom, and success, you’ll definitely still be pushing boundaries within yourself. Don’t push them to the point of collapse, but keep the progress steady. And take breaks if your intuition tells you to!

Happy child hugging teddy bear in field of chamomile and dandelions
This is what showing up for yourself and relying on yourself feels like.

Time for some inner reflection.

To start to build the foundation for your new life and habits, it’s important to recalibrate and ask yourself:

~Am I coming at habit/thought/attitude building from an outcome-based viewpoint, or because I want to become more of my true self and act that out daily?
~What type of person do I want to be? For Myself? My family? The world?
~Name 3 characteristics or traits you would like to embody that would make you more of the person you want to be?
~What kind of person could get me the outcomes that I want?
~In what ways do I feel like I am that person already?
~In what ways do I feel like I am not that person yet and could use some improvement?
~What are a few non-intimidating steps I can take to show myself that I am the person that can make these habits and keep them?

Then sometimes deeper healing is needed to change on that deeper level you’re craving. If it’s still not working out, you may need to back up, take the time, and do the healing work to release yourself of some deeper conditioning and actual nervous system reactions that are on autopilot without you knowing it.

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