When it’s Just not That Simple- You’ve TRIED.

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When it’s Just not That Simple- You’ve TRIED.

So. There comes a time when you have tried over and over with a specific habit, belief, vibe, etc. and you’re pretty discouraged with yourself. You become afraid to try again for fear of failure. It happens to everyone who tries to make big change in their life!

Did you know that messaging you received in your childhood affects the way that you come at habit making and breaking?

That can make or break your efforts! All repetitive unwanted patterns- including thoughts and beliefs- stem out of childhood trauma and conditioning/programming.

Now, I know that “trauma” is an intense word that you may not relate with right off the bat. But trauma is actually defined as “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.” You don’t have to be abused or have been in psychotically scary situations to actually have your own type of trauma from an event. Trauma is an intense word with a lot of possible associations, so more often, people like to refer to this as scarring.

Pointing finger scolding and blaming
A scolding or other fright at the wrong emotional moment can cause a lifetime of thoughts, beliefs, habits, and emotions- but you can heal!


Each person has different levels of sensitivity, so even being ignored when you needed something serious, or being harshly scolded at the wrong emotional moment when you were young can be distressing to the point of trauma or emotional scarring.

This trauma lives in your nervous system, replaying itself at triggers you’re unaware of, and unbeknownst to you.

This shows up as thousands of symptoms such as poor self esteem, bad habits, habitual emotions and daily attitudes, self sabotage, and more.

Childhood experiences can also lead to long-term anxiety, negative thoughts about yourself, others, and the world, and even procrastination- on little things and on big things in life. It even includes things that we keep doing anyways, after we learn that they are not good for our health, the environment, or other people or animals.

confused anime girl in overalls with question mark
Your nervous system and inner child are confused about who you are “allowed” to be and what is safe.


Also, feeling stuck in careers and lives that we don’t want, but feeling too frozen to better our situation is a huge epidemic that stems from childhood trauma and programming. How about those hopes and dreams you have for your life that keep getting put on the back burner?  In so many cases, we know we want to make or break a habit or lifestyle for a variety of good, solid reasons, but we just can’t seem to change our ways.

If you don’t like your job but aren’t trying for better, it comes down to habitual thoughts and beliefs that you’ll benefit from making or breaking.

These are also known as habits, and they come from your childhood! The only way to truly break a deep rooted habit, as we are learning, is to understand it and heal the wounds behind it.

We can use all the logic we want on ourselves when we try to break an unwanted habit, and logic and emotion have a ton to do with habit building. But just like trying to win a political argument with logic, logic is not an effective way to heal many of our unwanted patterns and habits that stem from trauma.

To move out of these detrimental habits for good, or into ones we’ve been resisting, we must go in, acknowledge, and give love to the root cause of our behavior or avoidance, then heal it. That’s when we can expect deep lasting change in specific areas of our lives. Hint: get to EFT tapping!!

You can do heal your past and solidify new beliefs with EFT/Tapping on a beautiful, profound, and lasting level that’s a complete game changer… not only for that immediate pesky habit, but into the future for all of your thoughts, your habits, and your hopes and dreams!

THIS is where the rubber meets the road.

When you can break through that deeper limiting conditioning and emotional scarring that keeps you stuck in your toughest attitudes, thoughts, and habits, a bunch of the other ones will likely vanish before your eyes with little or no direct attention! No joke!

You’ll find precisely how to do ALL of that in great detail, with specific exercises and instruction, and SO much more in your online self-transformation, “Make or Break Any Habit or Belief You Want- While Loving and Healing Yourself.”

Classic 1950s car dashboard with turquoise interior
Hop in in and take your true self out for a test drive! Maybe even to make-out point…


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Your nervous system and inner child are confused about who you are and what is safe.