Avoid Shutdown: for “Faster” Evolution

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Avoid Shutdown: for “Faster” Evolution

To avoid shutdown: every 24 hours, focus on staying on track for only the next 24 hours.

Why? Here’s the deal:

Most of us go into habit building and changing our beliefs or vibrating higher with these huge goals. And that’s great! But we tend to stay focused on the biggest outcome and all of these drastic changes, and it drive us into shutdown internally- whether we know it or not.

This is one of the biggest problems with New Year’s resolutions. 12 months of goals set in stone in one day? Unless you’re looking for the recipe for shutdown, I don’t think so. You have to start where you are and stay focused in the present to keep your motivation and confidence up enough to keep you going.

Do NOT look at the big picture!

Look at what you can do in this exact moment  to stay true to the person you want to be and your new wanted habit and thought, etc., and do it! Then, look at what you can do in the next 15 minutes or hour. Then maybe move it up to what you can do by dinner time or bedtime, or what you can do in the next 24 hours that will bring you a step closer to your goal or keep you on track.

Crash test dummy on a gurney
This is your brain on shutdown…


There are probably 80 zillion little things that could come up in the future regarding your new thoughts and habit choices that will test you. You may falter a time or two, and need to pick yourself up and get back on track. But each day builds upon yesterday’s successes.  Looking at a 6 month window will subconsciously put you into a fear of failure- which decreases your chance of success and may even cause shutdown!

The exception would be this: Focusing on the feelings you will have when you get what you are after!

Do that A LOT! Every 24 hours or less. Keep your energy charged with excitement, don’t drain it with huge goals and a million “what ifs.” And if it seems out of your belief range, try for something you believe you can achieve in 6 months or less, or work on your belief level about it instead.

So to recap, here’s what to do every 24 hours to avoid shutdown:

~ Focus on what you can/will do in the next 24 hours, starting with right now, the next hour, and the next 6-10 hours.

~Think of how good it feels to succeed, and what’s waiting for you in your future when you accomplish your goal. Conjure up past successes to help you feel into it.

~Don’t pick a goal that is too far outside of your belief range.

~ Pick yourself up and try again without hating on yourself if something goes awry. This is only this hour. The next hour and day is fresh and waiting for you without judgement! When you do it this way, your increase your odds of success exponentially. And that’s just exactly what we’re aiming for. 😉

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