Shaving- 100% Plastic Free, Forever!

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Shaving- 100% Plastic Free, Forever!

Love shaving, hate disposables, and want to save the ocean? You have simple, more affordable and ethical options at your finger tips!

Razors you use monthly, x 12= how many you dispose of per year.

Have you ever stopped and thought about how many razors must go into the landfills when so many people use so many? Have you calculated how many plastic razors or replacement cartridges you use in a year? Remember this as you think about that for a minute: about 1/3 of all plastic that is meant for landfills lands in the ocean instead somehow. Ouch.

Ok, now maybe you’re feeling stuck with plastic razors, and wanting to do better- but you’re not sure what to do instead. You’re going to be thrilled about this shaving company!

You can easily make a huge difference in this, just by switching to a sustainable

How many do you use per month? Per year?


system. You can totally QUIT plastic razors and all components, and still shave- as much or as little as you like- like the beautiful beast that you are!

Overall human addiction to disposable plastics has got to change.

Every simple step and tweak you can make in your life takes you out of the loop even more, and makes you less dependent on the system. The more individuals that make a switch to do that, the stronger the force becomes. We can sway this in an ethical direction!

It’s totally possible to do things the right way and make it affordable.

Albatross Designs is on a serious mission to prove that model and inspire the world into action. I’m kind of in love…

There are so many things this company is doing to change the game and make their point in so many ways. Where should I start?

They shun plastic entirely.

And they take back all metal components for recycling (which is all components). This means when you’re done with your safety razor or your used blades, you can return it to them for recycling! No landfill! Many recycling centers still do not accept razorblades because of the numerous possible complications involved, so this is a great win.

Albatross Designs has a goal to make metal safety razors mainstream in order to really get to the heart of the problem and make a deep impact.

Then they keep their pricing gender-neutral.

In general, many hygiene items made especially for women cost more… Somewhere around 11% more overall! Not here. No thanks!  Their razor is for all people- well, all people that can be trusted with a razor anyways. The supposed difference between men and women’s razors is mostly just a marketing ploy anyway. There are various razor options here, though.

Going above and beyond (in case they hadn’t already), Albatross designs has introduced a new campaign to actually change the game on how people look at litter, what they do with it, and overall human impact on the planet.

Here’s their request.

One piece of plastic litter per day: pick it up and throw it in the garbage or the recycle, depending on what’s appropriate. If you do this for 3 years, you will have picked up 1000 pieces of trash. If 13% of people did this for their whole life, 1 trillion pieces of plastic would be prevented from going into the ocean. Pick up as many as you want, but be safe out there!

You can read more at their website and even sign up officially.

Helping to save the ocean by permanently switching your shaving routine from dangerous, wasteful plastic to permanently reusable, recyclable stainless steel is just a couple of clicks away,  it turns out! They’re even made in the USA.

Don’t forget- plastic free shaving means not purchasing shaving products that come in disposable plastics, either. They’ve got you covered.

What sustainability or personal power habits are you trying to create right now? Learn 9 fundamental principles of making and breaking any habits for free, in bite- sized lessons, HERE.

Now go on. Enjoy your guilt-free shaving and better life!





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