Sampler: “5 Days of Presents”

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Sampler: “5 Days of Presents”

Dearest, Precious, Magical Wonder of the World! Greetings!

Infinite thanks as always for showing up to explore bigger possibility within yourself and the universe… to heal yourself, your family, and the planet!

This blog post is a preview sampler of what you’ll receive when you sign up for the “5 Days of  Presents” free gift avalanche! You’ll see me refer to links and free gifts in these sampler posts, but you’ll need to sign up for the “5 Days of Birthday Presents” email series to access those freebies. That includes a free mini-webinar as well, where you’ll Discover 5 common, rarely talked about law of attraction  blocks that keep sucking you back into old 3d patterns and mindsets. So be sure to sign up!

Your free gift “today” is a very important e-book called “Chain of Fools.”

So be sure to sign up to get all your evolutionary gifts delivered to your inbox, one at a time! This blog post refers to day 3 or so, so you will get this link in the order it is offered in the email series once you sign up! Use this link to sign up now. I can’t wait to shower you with these awesome presents!

Your avalanche of presents is waiting for you!


This specific “Chain of Fools” e-book gift will be delivered around day 3, and will help you notice and redirect brain games and shortcuts that have been keeping you stuck, as a building block for taking action, building and breaking habits, and bigger peace, happiness, and impact… all through the limitations of being human.

We’re all about the energetics and evolution around here!

The law of attraction and high vibes,  waking up to bigger realities, realizing 5D consciousness, healing,  evolving, and coming into alignment on deep spiritual levels!

Possibly even interacting with other dimensions, your guides, other spirits and the like if that’s your thing, coming into alignment with the universe, and creating and experiencing your true self desires, potential, and missions!  And oh, so much more!! #newearth, baby! Yeah!

That’s the plan, right? But something keeps stopping you, no matter how much you’ve learned and how hard you try.

If I know you at all, I know that you could pretty much write your own book (whether or not you’re ready to admit it) with all that you’ve learned and tried on your ascension path!

You’ve evolved light years from where you started.

You have amazing esoteric and energetic knowledge and techniques, you’re working daily on being a conscious creator of your own reality, and you’re constantly learning more.

But you may have come to a place where you feel a little overfilled in a bit of a food coma, despite how delicious all this knowledge is? I get the feeling that you feel the need to digest, integrate, and IMPLEMENT all of this amazing possibility you have awakened and stirred inside… so that you can start seeing those massive shifts in your life and alignment.

And specifically, you’re noticing a “still not happening” shift that’s keeping you stuck. You feel like you’ve reached a dead end, and you know that there’s more, but you’re not sure how to reach that next level…

Here’s the deal!

Congratulations, by the way- this is a HUGE MILESTONE! It’s time to give yourself some acknowledgement for how hard you’ve worked and how far you’ve come!

Congratulations! You are at a CELEBRATION POINT!


You’re now at a new evolution point. It’s time to learn how to clear those bigger blocks so that you can actually develop, solidify and KEEP habits, beliefs, vibrations, and reactions that are in alignment with your true self and belief system.

And maybe some beliefs and old ways keep coming back and sabotaging you, even though you thought you had put them to sleep long ago?

You’re super evolved and awake.

You know there’s always another layer, and you’re always looking for your next chance to step a little further into light, love, alignment, and positive impact.

But you’re probably also at a point where you’re noticing that you’re still a human with old habits, reactions, beliefs, and vibrations that seem a little stickier than you thought they’d be once you started waking up, learned of such things, and began preparing for your quantum evolution!

Congrats, again! You have graduated through a crucial understanding on your mission! 

THIS understanding that you are still a human and are going to have to work with that IS one of the missing links that keeps many from going further on their path. But you’ve figured it out!

And you’re dedicated to the path regardless. There’s no stopping you. Bravo, Starseed! 👏👏

We’ve met in divine timing, my friend!!

There’s a point where we need to stop and integrate OUR PASAT, THEN integrate what we’ve learned on our spiritual and other journeys with our human nature. And even after integration, implementation is key in the end! After all, if you don’t take action and make the changes… well, as you may have noticed, nothing changes in those bigger ways that you’ve set the intention for.

Our souls and hearts are aligning in perfect, divine timing!


This is part of the dynamic of you deciding to come to Earth as a human, and part of why you’re here. You’re here to learn all you can about being a human on Earth. That includes learning how to navigate and shine your inner light through the limitations of being human in this clunky meat suit that requires such specific care, upkeep, and understanding.

So as obsessed as we all are with it, we’re going to hold off on the energetic, esoteric side of things (for now, mwahaha!) for the sake of balance, implementation, and integration with your human wiring.

You’re stuffed with plenty of that goodness for now, and a very important side of this has been lost in translation- the part that allows you put it all into effect and truly change your life. Follow my Instagram account @BetsyDpresents to continually explore that “woo-woo” goodness, in combo with the neuroscience and psychological side of integrating these things as a human!

For your most immediate advancement, it’s time to find your own internal space of safety… so that you can act on what you already know.

And now…

Prepare to learn and implement some straightforward neuroscience and psychology about your human wiring, and how to get it to cooperate with your higher self and missions on a new level that you’ve never experienced!

The bulk of this series is based in neuroscience. You’ll learn how to heal and work with the mechanisms that hold your habits, beliefs, vibrations, and reactions in place and don’t allow change you want, and the techniques and self-knowledge to move you through- to the patterns and life you do want!

Sign up for your “5 Days of Presents” here. you don’t have to wait ’til your birthday to receive ALL your free presents. In one of them, you’ll learn how to use tapping (a simple AF, scientifically proven brain and nervous system resetting technique) to start clearing the deeper patterns and blocks that are keeping you stuck. Tapping is the foundation that opens you up to receive the amazing experiences you’re trying to create in life!

I can’t wait to shower you with 5+ days of presents, and so much more!


So activate the 5 days of Presents” now! Then sit back, dig in, and enjoy the shift- the shift in energy, the shift in focus, the shift in your healing. A serious dose of straightforward (but fun and fascinating!) neuroscience and psychology is about to add some crazy magic and rapid advancement to all of your energetic, spiritual, and Earthly soul endeavors!

Remember: this barrage of gifts is here with the purpose of clearing old blocks, establishing a sense of safety, and getting you to understand your human wiring better.

It’s here to help you work with your human wiring instead of against it- so that you can stop cursing your meat suit, start loving yourself, and take the inspired action that’s required to live in alignment with your inner light, true self beliefs, and higher understandings.

But that’s not all… this info is here to help you understand others better- for bigger peace and impact. And it’s especially here to help you create the ideal life and experiences you desire here on Earth!

And it all comes in realistic, doable chunks of information. “Too much information syndrome” will confuse you and shut you down. That’s likely a big part of the stall you’re currently experiencing.

So here’s that opt in link one more time.  On or around day 3, you will receive a free Ebook titled “Chain of Fools.”

This knowledge will help you notice and redirect brain games and shortcuts that have been keeping you stuck, as a building block for taking action, building and breaking habits, and bigger peace, happiness, and impact… all through the limitations of being human.

Sound like a deal?

Opt in to the next phase of your evolution, right here, right now, and get ALL the presents- delivered to your inbox!

Much love!

Betsy D