Bio. Hand by Face

Peaceful Superheroes

We are not here to change you and you have done nothing wrong. The Earth is a very strange place to be and you are doing an amazing job!

But you are ready for more… Something inside of you is calling for more meaning.

Get ready to step into your higher truth and good!

We, the-green-buttons, have lived in space and on Earth intermittently, battling intergalactic trash for millennia.You have no idea 😉

Earth is not the only planet in danger, but the future can be bright. No compromising required. In fact, compromising is what brought the Earth (and many others) to the state it is in now- compromising of values.

The-green-buttons have average 30-year generations like humans. We basically are humans. So close, in fact, that you wouldn’t even understand the difference, and the difference doesn’t have to exist.

Humans are fully capable of, and embody all of the positive forces that make the green buttons ever so slightly subhuman. Many humans don’t understand that they, too, could realize and hone their own so-called superpowers and join the ranks of the-green-buttons!

We are here to recruit any human who is naturally inclined to move towards a more sustainable personal lifestyle. We are here to transcend you to the elite yet attainable ranks of the-green-button forces!

To realize that you have the power to be happy, peaceful, and sustainable, and then to put your power into force through consistent adherence to your own set of values- publicly and privately, makes it easier for the people around you to move towards more sustainable, value based  choices also, and easier for them to realize their own deepest reasons. This is the essence of a green-button.

Add to this a deeper understanding of yourself, your own signature style of green living, what you stand for, and other driving reasons for your lifestyle choices, and you will discover and be honored with your own signature superpower!

We are the descendants of many who have been keeping an eye on Earth specifically for quite some time now and it is now mission critical. Time  is running  out, and we cannot wait any longer. We see the potential of the human race to cure itself of his disease. YOU are the potential.

We are here to focus on the future and let the past fall away.
Every one of you is already a perfect expression of love and has been put on this Earth with a purpose. Even if that purpose is only the right now.

The right now is mission-critical:

Realign with our deeper human values of life in order to live a more peaceful personal and collective existence.

Turn toward the new without compromise.

That’s why we are here.