Hi, I’m Betsy.

I was once brainwashed by society. Even after I knew it, it wasn’t that easy to just “choose my new beliefs” and “do things differently” like the magical gurus said. The old beliefs, moods, and habits had a very strong hold, and controlled me even though I was sitting there watching it happen, wishing for better.

Through my own incredible resistance to deep rewiring, I have found simple ways to help others who feel stuck on a spiritual evolution plateau reclaim their inner freedom, peace, love, and personal power, evolve as they wish, and let it take over their lives with goodness!  This is the story of why and how help people.

When I was little, I was tapped in!

*Actually me*

I was constantly being called back to the “current” time and space with a gentle cooing from the family: “Earth to Betsy… Come in, Betsy…”

As a teenager I knew a lot of houseless people, from 13 to 80 year olds. It deeply impacted my semi-woke curiosity about consciousness and the world.

At the end of high school I watched the real-life nightmare unfold.

My friends and peers turned into zombies! Their faces glazed over in brainwash as they sat down, forgot their dreams, got stuck in thought and habit traps, and accepted mediocre lives of subservience. Those were the lucky ones.

The less fortunate fell into survival mode, negativity, depression, addiction spirals- even homelessness- and disappeared. Many passed away from drug use before the age of 35. And I wasn’t much better off! I was frozen and terrified as I got dragged kicking and screaming down the same path, seeing my whole life closing in around me.

I was deeply traumatized by that feeling of lifetime subservience, vanished friendships, and stolen lives. This is where my passion for freeing souls was ignited. Nevertheless, I fell silenced, and went to sleep spiritually about it all. There was even a time in my life when I thought I would just slide quietly through life under the radar feeling guilty, angry, and scared.

When I was 20 I climbed away from a gnarly car wreck, and suddenly found myself pounding and yelling maniacally at the door to some mountain home at 2 am with blood all over my face.

The combination of these events awakened me, tuned me back into the energetic and intuitive realm, and set me on a different path than most.

I remembered that I had a purpose but had no idea what it was, and that being a human on Earth was just not at all what it appeared to be… but my programmed beliefs and habits were constantly conflicting with my bigger truth, keeping me torn between worlds! I was still a teenager!

I tried to shut it all off again and just be normal. Soon though, I began diving deep into personal development programs. I really blew people’s minds with my repeated and continuous evolution, but something was still missing. From 2004-2010 I was still mindlessly, begrudgingly stocking shelves and cashiering for 40+ hours per week.

In 2008 I knew exactly what I wanted to do but people thought I was crazy: chill out, bee free and happy, and make a supposedly unrealistic difference. Or at least chill out! I started thinking about how to get there.

I knew I was meant for more, but didn’t have the oomph, habits, or motivation to change.

Besides that, I was out in the “real world” now. I was barely paying the bills, with no time for friends or my precious fur babies who sat around all day waiting for me! And besides all that, I was constantly exhausted, stressed out, lost, angsty, and scared.

But it taught me the deepest trust and gratitude. It taught me where true happiness and change comes from. It taught me that mindset, habits, and the law of attraction are most important to use for happiness, impact, health, security, and fun- NOT money, image, and stuff. And that you’re always provided for if the mindset is right!

In 2003, I was introduced the law of attraction and Tony Robbins style personal power mastery. I was blown away! WIthin 6 months I was lightyears from where I had started. But after awhile it was nothing like I knew was possible for me. It just felt like I was missing something. I continued my studies and practice.

In a major wave, I created a booming professional organizing business and a holistic healing center.

Finally! I wasn’t working for the man, I had a rad little house, I was doing what I loved, and I had money and time to spare. But I let it go after about a decade as I worked on even bigger life manifestations, evolution, and change.

And guess what? The universe supported me.

I handed it all over to trust and faith in my higher calling so that I could take a step back and create evolutionary programs for humanity and so much more. And the universe said, quite simply… “yes.”

So here I am. Standing in truth, love, freedom, and trust, and I’m calling you over to join! Welcome!

I’m guessing that you’ve gotten close to your dreams of sustainability, impact, and happiness, and certain ones seem to keep slipping away a little bit more than you would like. I feel your pain, confusion, and disappointment!

My journey has led me to develop my own powerful combination of simple techniques to catapult you into your joyful freedom, peace, and impact! This synergistic combination of techniques includes EFT tapping and several others, and allows you to pinpoint and release/reboot/retrain the components that are holding back your biggest desires from manifesting- without a ton of fuss and focus on the problem… or over-analysis!

I’ve dedicated well over 5,000 hours to the study, activation, and implementation of personal and spiritual power, “ego management,” the law of attraction, natural and quantum healing, and how they all interact with your happiness and power to create… AND how ALL of that impacts our possibilities to collectively heal the planet! After years of helping, experimenting with, and analyzing myself and others, I’ve played with countless personal development techniques, psychology, and NLP tricks.

I’ve weeded out the duds and whittled it down to the simplest, most transformative techniques possible to purge all that doesn’t serve you and make a habit out of what does-

So that you can rock your personal power, have great success with the law of attraction, heal your past, and DO AND FEEL WHAT YOU WANT! FOR LIFE!

My combination of easy, fun, and life-changing exercises dives deep into your subconscious (simply and quickly) and rewire the thoughts, beliefs, habits, and vibratory states that have been holding you back from manifesting your dream life and dream impact. And most importantly- keep the peace, love, freedom, and happiness flowing!

But you won’t find any “do nothing quick fixes” here. Just stuff that works. Evolution is a journey, and it takes dedication. No matter where you are in your awakening and choosing your life, the super secret (and highly ignored) next step to get you unstuck is to actually catch up to yourself in your current reality, and reset your deepest instincts to the trust and belief that you’re safe!

The mission, should you choose to accept it, starts with a 3 week reboot and personal power activation for you.

While you reset your nervous system to accept change and activate your personal power, you also learn how to choose, make, and break your desired habits, reactions, and thoughts, and vibratory states. After the reset you’ll pick your first habit, thought, belief, vibration, mood, or reaction, and make or break it as you’ve wanted to for so long!

To dive into the rabbit hole with you, I’ve developed the online self-study, “Make or Break Any Habits, Beliefs, and Vibes You Want- While Loving Yourself and Healing Your Blocks” to quell the ego, purge the programming, and heal your past, so you can love the now and create the future you want!

Here’s my top 12 list of the biggest things I’ve permanently changed with this magical mix of principles- it’s only a fraction of what you can accomplish:

1) Permanently quitting smoking in 2003
2) Losing 85 pounds and keeping it off
3) Changing my eating and thought habits repeatedly until they lined up with my morals, goals, and my body’s needs
4) Ditching intense food addiction mindsets, such as “I’d rather die than quit my favorite food”
5) Releasing heavier past baggage, countless old beliefs and stories for good
6) Overcoming self sabotage and abusive self talk patterns
7) Choosing calmer, more forgiving, optimistic reactions to people, events, situations, and life
8) Rebuilding happiness, motivation, plus inner peace, security, and gratitude after my brain was hijacked by societal programming and food
9) Learning a very-low waste, low shopping lifestyle to fit my morals and stop feeling so helpless and dependent on the system
10) Taking my Earth-healing actions from a place of positive visualization and belief instead of panic, anger, and despair
11) Cultivating my own self-love, motivation, and law of attraction focus needed to create and sustain income, amazing living situations, THREE of my very own passion businesses.
12) I overcame technophobia and reactivity toward technology!

The information I have for you can change your experience with everything and everyone around you- plus the law of attraction- for the best. Forever. You see, there’s this super important secret that almost nobody talks about- not even the biggest gurus.A

But I’m going to fix that right now. Here it is the secret most don’t know, right on my PHILOSOPHY page, for your immediate  evolution and personal power!
Join the movement! I’ll see you over there.


Betsy D

My biggest influences are:

Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Frances Moore Lappè, Joel Salatin, Jason Silva, Dr. Elson Haas, MD., Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, CNS
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