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How would you feel if you were rockin’ your greenest, most ethical lifestyle- including happiness and abundance?
The fact that you’re here now, feeling called to make some upgrades in your life and sustainability means that you’re already evolving and ready to play on a bigger energetic level! 

4 Pillars of Sustainable Living

Create the sustainable life, happiness, and PLANET you want most with the 4 pillars of sustainable living!
1. Habit/thought mastery
2. Mindset/vibe/how you educate others 
3. How you feed your mind, body, and soul
4. Who you give your money to
I’m here to help you embody the habits, vibes, actions, and attitudes that serve you best. You’ll gain deep fulfilment and positive impact-  AND a lower carbon footprint!

A Little Philosophy

According to Deepak Chopra and many others thought leaders, when enough people find their ideal vibe and do what they need to to stay in it (including all kinds of kindness, habits, thoughts, and beliefs), we will hit “critical mass”, with a  more peaceful, sustainable consciousness becoming the majority. 
According to the law of attraction and quantum physics, when that happens everything about the Earth situation will evolve to make our beliefs, care, vibes, and love become the new “reality” of the Earth experience! 

Healing for Future Generations

We may not see it in this lifetime, but this is how we can recreate and heal the planet, plus human and animal relations, by refocusing and upgrading to our own positive vibes, habits, thoughts, missions, and happiness. That is truly the bigger mission and philosophy.

What Does it All Mean?

That does NOT mean to ignore the problems of the world completely, or to continue to participate in needless waste and products that abuse workers and animals.

 It means moving yourself out of dread, sadness, anger, and defeat, and taking power-packed actions from a place of inspiration, love, honor, gratitude, and continual visualizations of a safe, happy, sustainable future for all beings. Because “we become what we think about most of the time.” -Earl Nightingale.

Engage the Law of Attraction

 When you refuse lifestyles, habits, attitudes, and garbage you don’t want, and refocus with intensity on all that you do want, miracles happen for you! When millions of people do it, global change happens.
Let’s make Global change through choices and intention.

Who You Give Your Money to Changes Everything

You can stop inadvertently supporting systems of violence toward humans, animals, and the Earth with your daily purchases. 
Boycotting evil should be be a simple, accessible no-brainer. That’s why our FREE GreenBiz Directory will go live in April, 2019. A “virtual mall” of only sustainable, humane, and worker-friendly companies for YOU, just a click away! 

Where to Start?

How would you feel if you made a bigger, lasting difference in the world, if only through transforming your own happiness?    
When you really start to live in alignment, you start influencing people everywhere you go. You’re here to unlock your greatness, upgrade your life, and save the planet! It all comes back to habits, so be sure to claim your free gift at the bottom of this page!

Now Pause for a Moment...

 What happens when you close your eyes and imagine yourself in your new, improved life or world? You just made it a little bit more real by giving it that juice. Do that many times daily for best results!
What are your next green or happiness goals?
Betsy D
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